At AvonE Beauty Secrets, we genuinely believe getting our precious customers’ affirmation & satisfaction is very important to us!

We will continue to give our utmost on the areas we are good at and to deliver results!

Did the Korean Essence Embroidery and Inner Eyeliner at Waterway Point yesterday evening and I'm extremely pleased with it. Cass Tung is very skilful and patiently answers all my questions. Will highly recommend her service to all my friends and relatives

- Raquel ; Facebook Message @ 30th Dec 2016 0912hrs

Hi I would like to highly recommend Waterway Point for their excellence service!

The specialist is genuinely helpful and grateful, she is lively and brings spirit to the team members. And customer like me. She is warmth and caring and would assist and stretch miles to cater to my need.
My beautician always care and protect my skin and gives genuine knowledge and advice throughout my skin regime.

The manicurists are patience and would hear me out on my colours to decide. The hairstylist who would ensure that I have the best hair texture and compliments my colour tone.
Anna is my eyebrow specialist of whom I only trust and rely on her expertise to create the new brows and shape.

Overall, thanks Avone Beauty for yr excellent services rendered! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017 Team!

Keep up the good spirits in you!!

- Cindy ; Customer Service Email @ 20th Dec 2016 2059hrs

With a great team of Cass & Lyna at WWP, finally sign the package with them. Keep up the good work!

- Doris ; Facebook Message @ 30th Oct 2016 1600hrs

Hi, I've just had my 6V eyebrow embroidery done by your specialist. Fabulous job ! Glad to have found her to redefine my brows. Keep up the good work.

Spent a full day at Avone today for a head-to-toe makeover. Excellent grooming experience. Thanks to the Waterway Point team for transforming me and making me look a few years younger. I look forward to my next visit !

- Josephine Tay ; Facebook Message @ 28th Oct 2016 2316hrs

Firstly, I'm glad I entrusted my brows to Avone. I've been doing my 4D & now 6D brows with Avone for quite a number of years. My brows are not easy I feel. I was apprehensive and had my doubts during the first few touch-ups. However, due to the embroidery specialist assuring confidence, I decided to trust them with it and now I'm glad to say that my brows are finally fine and they look natural. I'm also amazed by her ability to remember what suits and works for me though I visit only around after every 3 months. Good skills and professionalism there!

Secondly, my facial therapist is really good. I mean, really really good. I'm currently in my 2nd round of facial package so I have experienced quite many of the skills of beauticians' you have. But I'd have to say, Avone is the best for me so far. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the therapist was and she restored my confidence with Avone, as honestly, I have not been having excellent skills and service thus far from the other beauticians. However, I don't see myself as a demanding customer and I don't like to be one. I was actually already contemplating not renewing my package with Avone. However, due to my therapist's superb skills (she's very meticulous, good with her hands, and really tried her best for me) and hers with embroidery specialist patience in explaining to me, I have just signed up for another package with Avone.

I just hope to share this with you, and may they continue the good job they have been doing! Thank you Avone.

- Jess ; Facebook Message @ 28th Oct 2016 1947hrs

Thanks Bryan Phang for Embroidery my brows it's really very nice... My friends say I look good.

- Mei Lai ; Facebook @ 17th Sep 2016 0855hrs

I would like to say a big thank you for recommend Cass Tung to me. She did a nice eye brow for me. Today I go back to her for my eye liner and another satisfaction. Well done and keep it up! Thumbs up!

- KH ; Facebook Message @ 26th Aug 2016 2103hrs

Hi, this is my second time doing eyebrow embroidery with Avone Parkway branch. A delayed note of praise. The embroidery specialist absolutely skillful and takes great pride in her profession. Her clear explanation and patience is amazing. My eyebrows were badly done at another salon and Avone made it perfect.I would highly recommend Avone! Thank you Avone!

- Nadine ; Facebook Message @ 15th Aug 2016 2228hrs

I wanted to leave a feedback on your facebook page but there wasn't any place to write so i decided to drop you an email again.

I just wanted to say I am very pleased and satisfied with Anna again and not forgetting Eunice who assisted along my journey with Avone since 2014.

Started off with eyebrow embroidery, then eyeliner and now, i just signed up for the freckles laser treatment. Technique standard is always good and never once slacken. Service was good, price was even better and they definitely made me prettier from ugly brows to nice shaped brows and eyeliner! Its like I even look pretty when I just wake up from bed! My friend even thought my make up needed a lot of preparation when its actually effortless!

Thank you for hiring great people to work on my face!

- Angle Ho ; Customer Service Email @ 18th May 2016 1726hrs

Hi Avone, today I'm very very happy did my eyebrow embroidery (6v),at punggol waterway point , the embroidery specialist at Avone is best of the best brow specialist (very confident,good consultation,excellent skill) and more.keep it up you

- Carol Yong ; Facebook Message @ 10th May 2016 0020hrs

I have a wonderful experience at JEM Avone. The embroidery specialist is very professional and skillful, i am really very pleased with the brow that I did. The jovial and friendly staffs at JEM make my time there a very enjoyable one.

Am looking forward to my next appointment to have a rest and relax beauty time. THANK YOU, Avone.

- Yian Ping ; Facebook @ 7th May 2016 1511hrs

Really enjoy my facial & massage session with Avone! Awesome!

- Imy L. Mendez ; Facebook @ 30th Apr 2016 1416hrs

Went to AVONE Beauty at JEM for oil seed remover and the service was good and professional.

Had 7 seeds removed and it was my first time. Very slight pain to the minimum, and hopefully will recover well with the antibiotics cream. Friendly and chatty environment with comfortable sofa. Did my pedicure there too.

Dedicated service and completely removed the seeds. More review to come during healing period. Thank you once again!

- Belle ; Facebook @ 29th Apr 2016 1858hrs

Absolutely adore the friendly and passionate team at JEM too. My sister and I always enjoy our visits there.

- Siying ; Facebook @ 27th Apr 2016 1325hrs

I have been a customer of Avone(JEM) for 2 years and a big fan of their nail art. I do not use stickers and have asked the ladies to meticulously draw flower designs on my nails. My colleagues have asked me constantly where I get my nails done as they are fascinated with the art work and nails they see on my fingers.

Big kudos to the team who work to achieve my desired look. Thank you Avone at JEM for the beautiful work the last two years!

- Geraldine Chan ; Facebook @ 24h Apr 2016 2119hrs

Thanks for the wonderful touch up from Avone at JEM. I like my eyebrows so much! And the beautiful mani & pedicure.. good job!

- Irene Lim ; Facebook @ 24h Apr 2016 1955hrs

Thanks a lot Anna! Your service is excellent. Have a nice day ahead.

- Mary Ann ; Message @ 23rd Apr 2016 1111hrs

Did my nails at Avone for the past year and the manicurist's skills in achieving what I've asked for never fails! Very meticulous with each details and would be extremely patient spending 2 hours perfecting my requests.

Highly recommend getting pampered there as the ladies are super nice and friendly. Do head over to JEM!

- Yuki ; Facebook @ 23rd Apr 2016 1725hrs

My special thanks to JEM for the wonderful & excellent job you did for me. Such like my eyebrows, eyes liner, pedicures & manicures. I'm extremely happy & satisfied of your services

- Christina Yee ; Facebook @ 16th Apr 2016 2148hrs

Excellent work ladies, keep up the good job! really worth giving them a shot, they will help to fulfil all your requirements.
They are really knowledgeable and they can actually give good advice. Fantastic at servicing. Such good workers! Keep it up!

- Cherie Eng ; Facebook @ 12th Mar 2016 1922hrs

Hi Avone, Just wanna say a big Thank you to the embroidery specialist of Waterway point for the perfect eyebrows that she had done for me yesterday. Colleagues at work were singing praises of my eyebrows. And not forgetting the dolly eyelashes that she had always been doing for me, it was always so perfect. Thank you Avone!

- Christine Choo ; Facebook Message @ 02 Feb 2016 1325hrs

All my beauty come from AvonE Beauty Secrets Anna, Good recommendation

- Helen Chong ; Facebook @ 3rd Feb 2016 1531hrs

I just visit Kelly Wee weeks ago thank you AvonE Beauty Secrets but the most important is my nice GOOD service beautician Kelly Wee you have a pair of hands.

- Ricky Teo ; Facebook @ 26th Jan 2016 1104hrs

My family love Avone Beauty, facial is great and so relaxed. Olivia and Suzanne and all the Avone ladies! good services

- Helen ; Facebook @ 25th Jan 2016 1903hrs

Thanks for the good job done by Jem. I'm very happy with the service and result of the eyebrow. Give them a thumb up

- Penny Toh ; Facebook @ 24th Jan 2016 1119hrs

i just got my brows done by the embroidery specialist from Jem outlet! It's a good job well done!

- Jas Ng ; facebook

Thanks to Avone, now i don't need to struggle with drawing my brow every morning after doing the 4D Creative Korean Brows Embroidery

- Nicole ; Facebook @ 09 Jan 2016 1303hrs

Nice job by JEM! Thank you!

- Marilyn ; Facebook @ 22 Dec 2015 1314hrs

Hi Avone, I will like to say a big Thank You to the staff in Nex serangoon, especially to Anna and Eunice for their fantastic skill and great service. I have been with avone for close to 3 years and I have done the 4d and recently 6v embroidery for my brows last month.

The 6v brows is major love and Anna's technique and super good! Love it how she reconstructed my brows and I have so many good feedback on my brows! Recommended 2 of my friends to do it too.

Today I went to touch up my eyeliner as my eyelid cant seem to take in the colour very well. As Anna is very popular so schedule was full so I tried Eunice. This is the 2nd time she did my eyeliner touch up and I am very happy with her technique and skill! She is very patient with me and also willing to listen to my suggestion of how I want to touch up. Totally 5star service!

Thank you for hiring good employee to work and bring good faith and reputation of Avone! It is like god send to beautify women! Thank you so much and I will continue to support Avone as long as I can!

- Angel Ho ; Customer Service Email @ 30th Nov 2015 1506hrs

Just did at Nex and im very happy with the work of Avone at NEX!!! Thank you Avone!

- Jessica Ocastro ; Facebook

Hi Avone, This email is to share with you my experience at Avone so far and to commend and applause the staff of Kallang Wave mall branch.

My experience with Avone started when I was looking around for a trusted beauty salon to do my eyebrows. After a friend's recommendation, I have decided to visit Avone to do my eyebrows. The staff are friendly and warm when I first approach them, their service were top notched and impressive. They were also very informative and detailed in carrying out the trial drawing session. In that instance, I signed up on the spot for the eyebrow embroidery session. Subsequently also signing up for a beauty package as well. I have also since referred about 4-5 people to do their brows with Avone. Feedback from them was nothing but praises.

Usually when a person signs up for a beauty package, there's always this nagging feeling that the subsequent sessions will not be as good as the first, however this has never been the case with Avone at Kallang Wave mall.

Kudos to the team at Kallang wave mall!

- Priscilla ; Customer Service Email @ 30 Jan 2015 @ 0920hrs

Hi, I am writing to feedback on my experience as a first time Avone customer. I visited the Kallang Wave branch on 6 Dec 2014 to do my manicure.

Firstly, I would like to comment that I am very impressed by the friendly and warm therapists as a whole at this branch. I noticed that all had such good rapport with customers that make us feel happy and relaxed doing treatments. The effort and hard work that they put in is definitely commendable!

I would also like to highlight one of the therapists who made a difference to my day. Ah Zhen did my gelish manicure for me and I find her to be very professional and with excellent skills. She has a very sincere, natural and pleasant disposition that immediately put me wonderfully at ease and relaxed, so much so that I actually forgot I was in a rush and ended up enjoying doing more things than I originally intended.

In my opinion, I find her outstanding service to be highly commendable by the management. Because of her excellent service rendered to me, I will definitely come back as a repeat customer and also introduce my friends and family to Avone!

- Enid ; Customer Service Email @ 6th Dec 2014 2252hrs