Care Guides for SHR, OPT, SPL

Whether the treatment you had is for hair removal or facial beautification, we always emphasize to our clients follow-up care is important to ensure they get the best desired results. The following are the recommended guide-lines on should take note after a treatment:

For the next 48 hours:

💎 Please do not take hot baths/showers for extended period of time;

💎 Heart related treatment including swimming, sauna etc are not recommended;

💎 Vigorous body scrubbing or skin dermabrasion is not recommended;

💎 No deodorant/perfumes or scented body locations (in 24 hours)

💎 If area remains warm after 6 hours of treatment, we advise clients to cool area (using cold pack or cold pure aloe Vera gel – Available at Pharmacies);

💎 Direct sun exposure is not advisable for at least 6 weeks. It is highly recommended to use sun block of at least 30 SPH and above on treatment areas.


Please note all the guidelines may vary from every individual as each reacts different to same treatment. Each individual has their own unique skin structure. Rest assured you will have the pleasure of having long desired smooth results on your precious skin. At Avone, we offer treatments to beautify you from within and beyond.