Care Guide for Lash Works

Please take note and ensure to follow the aftercare essentials so as to maximize the results of the treated lashes.

💎 After each session, a lash wand will be given. Please comb your treated lashes to keep them in place and beautiful!

💎 Please ensure treated lashes are kept away from oil based products such as sunblock & make up removers. Please use water based cleansers instead.

💎 Mascara can be used on the treated lashes however please hold and wipe gently with a cotton facial pad with the water based remover.

💎 You can continue to put XLash Pro serum at lash base if necessary. (Applicable only for those on Ultralash Regrowth Program)

Lash Guarantee

At Avone, we offer a 7 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your lash results, we encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss any issues so we can happily fix them.In the circumstance an issue may occur and lashes need to be fixed pleased be advised that our lash guarantee is only offered providing the following conditions have been adhered to;

– Photo of Before & After Shot of the lashes to be taken by our specialist, photos will be kept confidential
– Contact to the salon must be made within 5 days after lash application
– If a repair appointment is needed, it must be booked within 6 days of original appointment. Any later than that over exposes your lashes to every day wear and tear and therefore voids the lash warranty.
– Correct after care instructions must be followed, if it is decided that improper after care has been used the client will be given the choice to either refill the missing lashes at the next follow up appointment or refill them on the spot at the clients expense
– Lash Guarantee has to be signed and acknowledged before the treatment

-Lash Guarantee applies to all Lashworks done at Avone Beauty Secrets outlets such as Ultralash Lift Treatment Perm, Superstar Keratin Lash Tint and Lash Extensions.