V12 Advanced Micro Pigmentation Embroidery 눈썹문신

Introducing our latest development in semi-permanent aesthetics solution for features enhancement, Advanced V12 Micro Pigmentation. V12 Micro Pigmentation is a medical-grade non-surgical procedure that uses the concept of detailed micro-needles to deftly implant millions of nano pigments into the epidermis. This result in creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair on the brows and scalp.

ABS V12 Advanced Micro Pigmentation Embroidery Needle

💎The entire Advanced V12 Micro Pigmentation procedure; you can happily go for a facial or a swim immediately right after.

💎There is absolutely no downtime; no swelling, no peeling/stabilizing of colour pigments.

💎There’s no touch up required to deliver the eventual results! (Customer can be fully assured there’s a 60 days warranty)

This latest semi permanent V12 aesthetics technique will bring a total new dimension to the Semi-permanent artistry cosmetics world. And for those who have been holding off having embroidery done because of pain and the thought of having a few sessions to get your desired results makes you hesitate. This undeniably is the absolute Semi Permanent Aesthetics technique to experience This latest development results in many significant breakthroughs and benefits.


V12 Advanced Pigmentation Micro Embroidery 1 time offer at $1280 (60 days warranty)

Promotional 1 time touch up at $600

Special 2 Years full warranty is exclusively available at the outlet! Please check with our Specialist!

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