Lips Embroidery

Lips Embroidery

Using various award winning techniques, skilfully administering organic micro-pigments into the upper dermal layer of the lip’s skin to give you the look of lucent, beautiful and well defined lips.

Lips Embroidery is a treatment to enhance one’s natural lips shape and definition, boosting its color and lustre of one’s lips and it brings symmetry to uneven lips as well. Lips Embroidery may last anywhere between 1-2 years depending on the technique with the special micro-pigments used in the treatment. Right after the treatment, colour pigments will be at its deepest and will gradually turn to a natural glow!

👑Classic Lips Blush Embroidery👑

👑Korean Crystal Lips Embroidery👑
Administer with antioxidant Beta Carotene infused micro-pigments, the results gives out a lucent touch to one’s lips.

👑9V Ultimate Nano Lips Embroidery👑
Renowned for its gentle yet powerful administering. No numbing cream is required for the treatment. Using specialized antioxidant infused Nano-pigments, the well defined results will be longer lasting and there’s minimal downtime.