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Avone Beauty Secrets – Avone Beauty Secrets (ABS) is the only Beauty and Embroidery Faceworks Chain in Singapore to receive recognition from the prestigious International Beauty And Health General Union of Korea.
We have been recognized for our revolutionary Embroidery Techniques which are the results of an extensive research together with the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea. Each unique embroidery technique uses different (Korean Manufactured) specialized embroidery needle blades specifically designed to enhance the delivered techniques giving amazing results.

Winning the hearts of many beauty critics and editors. Throughout the years, we have been accorded multiple awards from trusted reviewers such as Harper Bazaar’s, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Cleo and HerWorld Singapore. With great honour, we got the most popular E-magazine Daily Vanity beauty editors’ attention to find out more and wrote about one of the most popular brows technique we have – The 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery.

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We believe in delivering a total experience to our precious customers – they get to be pampered with reliable and trusted services by top notch professionals in a comfortable and cozy ambience, enjoying high end treatments at very affordable prices. Most importantly, they achieve their desired results. Currently we have 11 outlets located island wide so be totally relaxed and pampered from the time you step in and end your session feeling beautiful, refreshed and pampered.


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Anna Lin’s Portfolio

  • Director of Semi-Permanent Artistry & Embroidery Faceworks of Avone Beauty Secrets
  • Leading Instructor of Avone Academy of Beauty & Wellness
  • Certified Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Artistry Master with International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea
  • Distinguished Judge for 2013 / 2014 / 2015 International Beauty & Health Olympics Competitions in Korea (Semi Permanent Artistry Segment)
  • Celebrity Semi-Permanent Embroidery Artist for 2016 Miss Tourism International Pageant

For over 15 years in the beauty and embroidery faceworks industry, Anna Lin has crafted embroidered eyebrows to beautify more than 20,000 male and female clients locally. All of them are thoroughly pleased with the results. Critically acclaimed and widely celebrated, Anna’s embroidery faceworks are highly sought after, and she has been invited to perform public and private demonstrations of her mastery in this delicate and sophisticated embroidery technique.

Our Eyebrow Embroidery Specialists

We’re your go-to expert for a perfect grooming and pampering session – whether you’re looking towards Eyebrow Embroidery or Eyelash Extensions. Be it redefining your facial features, removing any minor facial flaws, having healthy, glossy hair, or shedding spotlight on your eyes – we can help you be one step closer to your desired appearance. With proper and regular grooming, you’ll maintain your self-esteem and self-confidence, and be the best version of yourself!

At Avone Beauty Secrets, we strive to deliver a completely relaxing and rewarding experience to our beloved customers – through our trusted and reliable services, a comfortable and cosy ambience, revelling in luxurious treatments at extremely affordable prices. Having won the hearts of numerous beauty editors and critics – Avone Beauty Secrets always strives to meet your beauty standards and results. Over the years, we have brought home many awards from acclaimed reviewers like Cleo and Harper Bazaar’s.

Jenny Huang

Although my experience as an Embroidery Artistry Specialist is not more than 5 years. It's the eventual results I take pride in. I believe that learning should never stop thus I often seek mentorship from experienced teachers all over the world. Immersing myself with the latest skills and self-improvement techniques. Showcasing exemplary results in my embroidery skills for many customers who recognize my talent and introduce their family and friends to me. The recognition and affirmation i received from my customers is my biggest motivation!

Jenny Huang, Leading Embroidery Specialist

No human has a perfectly symmetrical face but most of us aim to have one. While you can’t change your face shape, you can modify your eyebrows which in turn alter how your face shape looks. Well-structured brows that are more symmetrical in nature are pleasing to the human eye. Results recognition is what motivates me. I was awarded Best Service Award Manager for having many of our customers feedback on my team and our excellent service performance! This recognition is more satisfying than any kind and energize me to deliver more success stories and affirmation!

Nico, Embroidery Specialist Manager

A well-groomed brow can create a polished look that enhances your appearance. Even without any makeup, you will find a woman with well-kept eyebrows appear clean and refined. Success and my customers affirmation is what motivates me to do a good job. Knowing the fact that my skills and perfectionism will help me achieve absolute results is what keeps me going.

Connie, Senior Embroidery Specialist

I love to paint as a child. I love to create beautiful impressions and this is my catalyst to become the top achiever in my profession! Every customer's affirmation is a testament to what I strive for.

Kelly, Leading Embroidery Specialist

To be beautiful means to be yourself & to love yourself! I take great pride in my profession and when it comes to gaining trust from my customers. I do not take their trust for granted and I make it as my priority. And the basic principle of trust is deliver what you say you are going to do. Stay true to that and a trusting relationship will naturally begin to form.

Sammi, Embroidery Specialist Mgr
Kelly Wee

Having come a long way in establishing myself as a top professional. Being passionate in my work means listen genuinely to what the client wants, analyze what will suit their face cut, skin color, and original style. Offer them the best advice as an expert. Customer satisfaction and confidence in my skills becomes the biggest mandate in my profession!

Kelly Wee, Embroidery Specialist Manager

I truly love my work and the results delivered to my trusted clients. Their affirmation gives me a sense of accomplishment therefore customer satisfaction is my greatest happiness.

Celyn, Senior Embroidery Specialist
Anna Lin

Just don’t be afraid to be who you are; whatever that is. Enhance it. Whatever it is you love about yourself, just celebrate it!

Anna Lin, Chief Embroidery Specialist