Why Men Are Now Saying ‘YES’ To This Beauty Service

Why Men Are Now Saying ‘YES’ To This Beauty Service

Why Men Are Now Saying ‘YES’ To This Beauty Service

Judging by the rise of men’s makeup and beauty services in the market, we now know that eyebrow embroidery is not just a beauty service for women anymore! After all, men want to look good too!

It’s just like how you would go for a haircut and trim your facial hair every now and then. Nothing is strange about gelling or waxing your hair when you want to look good. So why overlook the other type of facial hair – eyebrows?

But why would I want to go for brow embroidery? You may ask.

Think of it another way: Your eyebrows are the frames to the windows of your soul! Sparse and uneven brows can make one look pale or unkempt, while defined brows accentuate and give life to the eyes, enhancing your overall image. So, if you are someone who cares about how you look, eyebrow embroidery is something you should have on your radar.

Let us share some reasons why more people, men and women alike, opt for beauty services like eyebrow embroidery to re-define their brows, and how you can get started to have nicer-looking brows

1. Enhance your professional image

Are you working in the service and entertainment industry, or any client-facing job? You know your face is your commodity! Especially if it’s important for your professional image and branding to look the part.

You may not be of celebrity-status or an influencer, but looking presentable and professional should be the minimum to give off a confident image and as a form of respect towards your clients.

If impressing your clients at first sight is one of top few priorities in your list, you can trust our Professional Brows Specialist at Avone Beauty Secrets to be able to advise you on which brows shape would work best to complement your facial structure and features. Overall, we will make sure you will be able to look neat, tidy and approachable – the key aspects to making good first impressions!

2. Maybe just improve your luck a little!

Did you know that good brows can improve your Feng Shui?

Indeed, Feng Shui goes beyond the context of your home. With Feng Shui for your brows, you can bring in more luck into your life than you think. In general, full, well-defined, and long brows are said to have some link to your prosperity, and longevity.

Now, who doesn’t want to be #Blessed with success, wealth and luck? Head home with the perfect pair of brows and manifest your desired Feng Shui after attending Avone Beauty Secret’s 9V Ultimate Brows Analysis Sessions, where our Professional Brow Specialists will share the latest brow shapes and trends with you!

3. Save time (and money…)

They always say that time is money! With the fact that not every guy is a Bretman Rock or a Shaun Lee, drawing brows without turning into Crayon Shin-chan may not be such a breeze. Now, if you are already investing time and energy into beauty regimes like skincare, you’ll know how much effort it takes at times — especially for guys.

So, if you don’t want the hassle and are looking to save time to simply do more work or meet more clients, BUT still want to make the head-turning impression, you may really want to consider eyebrow embroidery as your go-to solution! I’m sure you’ll need those perfect brows too! The effects of microblading eyebrow embroidery can last up to two years with proper aftercare or with advanced embroidery techniques like Avone Beauty Secret’s 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery. That means you can just focus on getting your hairstyle right instead!

The best part? Since it’s already designed and defined by a professional, you can be sure it will look great – all the time.

How to get started with eyebrow embroidery

How to get started with eyebrow embroidery

If this is your first-time considering eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, you may not know exactly how it works or how to choose the right brow salon – and that’s perfectly fine! Don’t be shy to ask the ladies in your life about it, as they will most likely be very happy to share. Otherwise feel free to always contact us and seek advice from our professional brows specialists who are trained by our Chief Embroidery Specialist to always be able to execute the latest trends and techniques!

Right here, we can also offer you some quick starting tips to ease you into your journey to eyebrow embroidery for men!

  • You can first find out about different types of eyebrow embroidery and what suits your needs best, in terms of price, technology used, and recovery time.
  • Search for professional and highly trusted brow salons who already have an extensive portfolio of doing men’s eyebrow embroidery.
  • Decide on the image you wish to portray, or choose a few reference photos of the type of brows you think would look good on yourself.
  • When you have decided to take the leap of faith, make an appointment with your preferred brow salon, and begin your journey to photo-worthy brows!


Whether you want to adopt it as part of your self-care routine, or to upgrade your professional image and maybe just adding on to better luck and fengshui, eyebrow embroidery may too become a man’s best beautifying choice by giving you bolder and better brows!

Don’t be surprised if your bros start asking you, “Eh, how come your brows become so nice one ah?” When that starts to happen, it’s up to you whether you want to divulge your newfound beauty hack – and if you do, make sure to tell them that you did it at Singapore’s favourite eyebrow embroidery salon, Avone Beauty Secrets!

Contact us here for more information, enquiries or to book an appointment and kickstart your brow-some journey!