What Makes A Beautiful Face? 3 Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

What Makes A Beautiful Face? 3 Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

What Makes A Beautiful Face? 3 Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

We have all heard the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

While this statement is true to a certain extent and we are all beautiful in our own ways, there is no denying that there is a science behind what constitutes beauty. Just take your favourite K-Pop stars and K-drama actresses for example – they are the embodiment of the Korean beauty standards that are influencing multiple Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore. Despite this, most of us are unsure what exactly makes their faces so appealing and attractive.

So, the question lies, what makes a face scientifically beautiful? Here are 3 facial features you should not ignore!

1. Full lips

Full Lips

Particularly while you’re talking, a lot of attention is drawn to your lips. Plump and full lips enhance your appearance by making you look youthful, healthy, and full of life. Because of this, lips are regarded as one of the top facial features that make a person beautiful.

However, the lips can begin to gradually lose some of their volume over time. Lips that are too thin or uneven can change the balance of your face and make you appear older than you are. Moreover, lips that are uneven might draw attention to a protruding chin or make the nose appear larger than it is.

Fortunately, if you do have uneven lips, it is not the end of the world. With Avone Beauty Secret’s Lip Embroidery treatment, you will be able to enhance the shape and colour of your natural lips. The results will last anywhere between 1 to 2 years, depending on the type of lip embroidery you choose to opt for – Classic Lips Blush Embroidery, Korean Crystal Lips Embroidery or 9V Ultimate Nano Lips Embroidery.

2. Well-defined brows

Well-Defined Brows

A study conducted by Oakland University psychology professors Dr. Lisa Welling and Dr. Justin Mogilski in 2019 revealed that men find women with fuller eyebrows to be more attractive.

Your brows have the power to make or break your appearance as they soften and balance your face by framing it. Eyebrows may highlight all the appropriate characteristics and give you a polished appearance when they are done properly and made to fit the shape of your face. Remember, even a subtle arch can change your look drastically!

Brow Embroidery

For those with sparse brows or are simply looking to achieve your dream brows, consider trying out Avone Beauty Secrets’ 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery. We take the conventional microblading eyebrow embroidery up a notch with this ground-breaking technique. Suitable even for individuals with sensitive skin or eczema, this brow embroidery treatment is practically pain-free – with zero downtime, swelling, peeling or scabbing!

Most importantly, once the initial embroidery treatment is complete, you get to immediately experience the ultimate desired effects! For the following 4-6 months at the very least, no touch-ups are necessary.

But if you’re new to the concept of eyebrow embroidery, fret not, as you can check out our article on the 5 brow embroidery facts to know!

3. Clear skin

Even the best facial structure might appear unattractive due to problematic skin.

Clear Skin

In today’s society, a face is deemed attractive when the skin is wrinkle and blemish-free. According to a National Institute of Health study, having smooth skin is important for general attractiveness because it is a sign of good health. It is also an indicator that an individual prioritises taking good care of their skin.

Going for facial treatments can help keep your complexion looking dewy and clear. Just like any part of your skincare routine, facials are most effective when they are done regularly and consistently – we’d recommend going for one every month!

With Avone Beauty Secret’s comprehensive range of facial treatments, there is something for everyone! No matter what your skin concerns are, we are certain that we have a facial treatment suitable for you.


Different people and cultures have various standards for what constitutes beauty. However, there are certain facial features that will turn heads and make you look attractive.

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