Uneven Brows: 4 Useful Tips On How You Can Fix Them

Uneven Brows: 4 Useful Tips On How You Can Fix Them

Uneven Brows: 4 Useful Tips On How You Can Fix Them

Ever taken a selfie, only to have the camera flip your photo after that, and you wonder why you look so strange? If you stare hard enough, you may find that the culprits are none other than your eyebrows.

Most people’s faces are not exactly symmetrical (and it’s been shown that they’d be weird if they were), including their brows. Maybe you feel bothered by them each time you look at yourself in the mirror. Or in some cases, having different brow shapes for each eye may affect how people perceive your expression – got a perpetually judgy and raised brow, anyone?

So, enough talk. How on earth do you fix uneven brows? There’s plenty of methods to try – here are 4 tips to get you started!

1. Understand what makes pretty brows

You got an issue you want to fix, but as they say: you gotta have the end in mind. What type of brows are you trying to achieve?

Understand what makes pretty brows

Trends come and go, but beauty experts suggest these rules when choosing a brow shape:

  • Draw an imaginary line upwards from the sides of the bulb of your nose. That’s where the inner corner of your brows should reach.
  • The outer corner of your brows should line up above the outer corner of your eyes, or just slightly longer.
  • The arch of the brow should be about two-thirds the eyebrow’s length away from the inner corner.

2. Draw your brows

Probably the most straightforward and cheapest DIY method, drawing your brows is easy-peasy, right?

Draw your brows

The advantages of drawing your brows is that eyebrow pencils are easy to get, pretty affordable, and you can always rub them off if anything goes wrong. With a few strokes, you can fill in gaps where brows are sparse, define the edges of your brow shape, and thicken or darken your brow shade.

However, brow pencils may not be as useful if the issue is with brows that are growing beyond your desired shape. Also, there’s the whole issue of having to draw them every day, which can be a hassle if you are not adept at it.

3. Trim your brows

We mentioned brows that are growing ‘out of the lines’ – trimming or plucking your brows will solve this! You can trim or pluck your brows in addition to drawing them to achieve your desired brow shape.

Trim your brows

But the obvious danger lies in doing it wrong. Unlike with eyebrow pencils, there is no ‘undo’ button for plucking or trimming too much brow hair! If you are not experienced with doing this yourself, it’s best to engage a professional to help you and advise you on how to correctly trim your brows, before you attempt to do it unsupervised.

4. Embroider your brows

Not keen on regular trimming, plucking, and drawing of your brows? We get it, it can be troublesome and not to mention, risky, especially if you are not so good at make-up. So, why not leave it to the pros and get it done once and for all?

Embroider your brows

Of course, microblading eyebrow embroidery is not permanent, but it does last for at least a few months. That means you get to save that few minutes drawing your brows each morning before you leave the house. Besides, with a professional doing your brows, there’s less to worry about having misshapen brows.

Be sure to check out our article on the hottest brow trends of 2022 for more inspiration!

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