Things To Note About Lash Extensions Before Your Appointment

Things To Note About Lash Extensions Before Your Appointment

Things To Note About Lash Extensions Before Your Appointment

Exciting times, isn’t it? You’ve just booked your first appointment for eyelash extensions, and we’re sure you’re just as stoked as we are about it! And you should be, because you’ll be going home after the appointment with the gorgeous lashes you’ve always dreamt of.

But before you get all giddy with anticipation, we thought it’d be useful to know some things before your appointment. From steps to ensure your safety to tips on how to care for your lashes after the deed is done, you’ll find it all in the nifty guide below.

(Lazy? Thinking of skipping this? Surely, you want to make your money’s worth and have your extensions last as long as possible – let’s do your lashes a favour and do this right!)

Before the appointment

1. Prepare reference photos

Prepare reference photos

Like our brow embroidery artists, we know our lash specialists are great at recommending styles. But if you have something in mind, preparing some reference photos would help us a ton in reducing miscommunications and getting the style right!

2. Check your allergies

If you have any known allergies or sensitivities, especially related to the eye, skin, or irritants like fur or glue, consider taking an antihistamine before coming to the appointment.

3. Pause skin treatments

A few days before your appointment, skip the retinol, exfoliant, acids, or acne creams in your skincare routine. Stick to gentle cleansing and moisturising, as you don’t want to make your skin too sensitive.

4. Avoid stimulants

Caffeine and other stimulants may make it difficult for you to stay calm and keep still during the procedure. Be warned – the procedure will take about 2 hours or more, and you have to keep still with your eyes closed for the duration of it. Being in a calm state will help tremendously!

5. Come without makeup

Save time by coming with your make up already removed – especially eye makeup. Ensure that your lashes are in their natural state and not curled.

6. Dress comfortably

Yes, did we mention this will be a long procedure? Dress comfortably in clothes you won’t mind lying down in for 2 hours. For the same reason, avoid dangly earrings and high ponytails as these can be uncomfortable to lie down in!

7. Prepare a playlist or podcast

As your eyes will be closed and you need to keep quite still during the appointment, what’s the next best thing you can do? If you aren’t planning on taking a nap, come prepared with a playlist or podcast you’d like to listen to as your lash specialist gets to work.

After the appointment

1. Avoid contact with moisture for 48 hours

The lash glue needs time to settle and bind, so avoid showers, swimming, saunas, or any activities that will wet your eye area for at least 48 hours after getting your new lashes. If you really need to take a shower, avoid too high temperatures and do not wet the eye area.

2. Keep your lashes clean

After 48 hours, you can shower with your lashes but avoid aiming strong jets of water directly at the lashes. It’s important to keep the lash area clean as dirt and debris can get stuck in them if it is not well looked after.

3. Brush them once a day

As lash extensions are longer than natural lashes, they can get a bit unruly if not maintained well. Try to brush them once a day with the lash wand that’s provided at the end of your appointment. 

4. Avoid oil-based products on the eye

Keep the eye area free of oil-based makeup, as these will affect the efficacy of the lash glue. If you want to apply eye makeup, choose water-based products. You may also want to be more careful with powder eyeshadows as these can settle on the lashes during application.

5. Be gentle

And that includes: No pulling or picking at the lashes, and no rubbing of eyes. We do not recommend trying to remove the lashes yourself, in any event that you decide you do not want them anymore. They will fall off naturally along with your natural lashes as your lash cycle progresses.

Be fabu-lash at Avone

Be fabu-lash at Avone

Fortunately for you, if you have booked a lash appointment at Avone Beauty Secrets, rest assured you’ll be treated to a relaxing and comfortable session! While certain lash glues are known to sting and have a distinct odour, the lash glue we use is gentle, suitable for sensitive skin and eyes, and doesn’t smell nasty! Just make sure you come prepared according to the tips above. And if you have any concerns, consider checking out this article as we debunk eyelash extension myths that just aren’t true!

Reader: What if I haven’t booked an appointment? 

If you decide that lash extensions is something you’d like to go ahead with, simply drop us a message and we will be right back with you to arrange your preferred timing. We also provide many other beauty services like facials, hair treatment, and microblading eyebrow embroidery in Singapore to pamper yourself with!