The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Eyebrows & Face Shape Pairing

The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Eyebrows & Face Shape Pairing

The Ultimate Guide To Perfect Eyebrows & Face Shape Pairing

If you have been paying attention, you must know by now that the shape of your eyebrows can have a significant impact on your appearances.

They frame your eyes, give them character and are the most essential to a person’s facial features, whether thin, thick, arched or something in between. They balance the features below your brows – namely, your eyes and nose – while also drawing attention to them subliminally by contrast.

If you have thin or small eyes, you should go for thicker eyebrows to balance out the proportions of your face. Similarly, if you have a big nose, thinner brows will help tone it down visually.

If none of these things are applicable to you, but you just feel that your eyebrows aren’t quite right – keep on reading as we help uncover the best eyebrow shape that will complement your face shape!

Finding your face shape

First, we’ll start by finding out what shape does your facial structure belongs to, as this will help you to identify what may be your perfect eyebrow shape.

If you’ve never really identified your face shape before, don’t worry! We’ve got a fool-proof guide here for you!

To begin understanding your facial shape better, all you need to do is tie your hair back and get measuring. There are four key features that you should measure to determine your facial structure:

1. Forehead width: From hairline to hairline, measure the distance across your forehead where it is broadest.

2. Cheekbone width: Measure the distance across your face to the same location on the opposite side starting at your hairline above your cheekbone.

3. Jawline width: Begin at the bottom of your jaw, underneath your ears. Measure the distance from the centre of your chin to the border of your jaw. You may either multiply that amount by two or repeat this step on the opposite side.

4. Face length: Finally, start your measurement from the top of your hairline and extend it all the way down to the bottom of your chin to determine the length of your face.

In addition to measurements, certain facial shapes are associated with several specific traits. For example, a rounded jawline is often linked to a rounder face shape, while a pointed chin is typically associated with a diamond-shaped face.

So, grab your mirror and examine your face’s angles and contours to determine if they are soft, sharp, prominent, or not.

Once you know what your facial shape is, you’d be able to identify the corresponding eyebrow shape that best suits your face!

Eyebrows for round faces

Round faces are shorter and wider than other face shapes, with the widest part of the face being the cheeks.

Due to their youthful features and rounded cheeks, you would realise that they are frequently referred to as having the “young” or “baby” face.

Thick eyebrows for round faces are a no-no as they bring out the roundness in the face, bringing much focus to the width of the face. If you have a round face with approximately the same length and width, do go for a high arch to help “open up” the face!

A high arch can significantly help a round face; add structure and length which eventually helps to narrow one’s face shape!

Eyebrows for square faces

All measurements are approximately the same on square faces. Your chin will be less defined, and your jawline will be broader and angular. Be that as it may, you do have the ultimate jaw goals!

A square face can be softened and elongated with a high, curved arch.

Strictly avoid angled and pointy brows. They only create more structure to your face and do you more harm than good. Also, thick eyebrows will only make your face appear even wider and create illusions that does not benefit in the overall appearance.

Eyebrows for heart faces

Heart-shaped faces are characterised by cheeks wider than the hairlines, a narrow chin and a widow’s peak. Simply put, they are literally the shape of a heart!

Much like the square face shape, a rounded brow would work best for this face shape.

However, instead of a high arched brow, a lower arch compliments the facial features better – having the curve of the brow creating a heart look that flows seamlessly with the shape of the face.

A softly shaped brow that curves ever-so-slightly will draw attention to the middle of the face and allows your forehead to appear narrower than it actually is!

Eyebrows for oblong faces

Oblong faces resemble square faces in such a way that their length is about twice their width, but they have a more defined jaw. Hello, jawline!

To balance out the width of an oblong face, go for thicker eyebrows with some volume. Thin eyebrows will make your face appear wider.

Remember, it’s all about balance.

Brows that are not so structured will help reduce the size of the forehead or you may also choose soft, slightly curved arches to soften the jawline.

Eyebrows for oval faces

If you’re blessed with an oval face shape, you’re in luck.

Because it complements a variety of brow types, the oval face shape is regarded as the golden ratio face shape.

However, do not rejoice just yet — there are still some guidelines to follow to form your brows in the most attractive way for an oval shaped face.

It is crucial to keep the contour of the brow soft and avoid sharp or high arches. Small, softly angled arches are recommended because they give the brows a more feminine appearance.

With the right brows, rest assured you’ll even look like you are ready for the red carpet like these famous oval-faced celebrities – Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts and more!

BONUS: Eyebrows for diamond faces

Diamonds, like round faces, have narrower chins and wide, high cheekbones. If you have a diamond-shaped face, the top of your head will be narrower than the middle, just like a real diamond.

To shine bright like a diamond, consider a softly curved eyebrow with a shallow arch to help lengthen the widest part of your face.

Also, avoid an overly defined finish on the brows, as this might look harsh on the face shape. Wide cheeks and a broad forehead would then be nicely balanced by this delicate-looking brow shape.


As you can see, identifying your face shape is really the first step to finding the perfect shape for your eyebrow!

Once you know your face’s shape better, you can experiment with different eyebrow shapes until you find one that truly complements your facial features.

The key is to highlight your best features while hiding any flaws. *wink~ *

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