The Ultimate First Date Checklist: How To Look Your Best

The Ultimate First Date Checklist: How To Look Your Best

The Ultimate First Date Checklist: How To Look Your Best

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, first impressions count. The unfortunate thing about first impressions is that you often only get one shot to make a good one. And when it comes to first dates, you’d certainly want to get it right and put your best foot forward.

First dates can be daunting, to say the least. This is especially so if you have someone you really adore or would love to get to know better. For the ladies, there are probably a million things racing through your head from the moment the date has been set. Will he like you? How will you avoid any awkward or uncomfortable silences? What if you don’t hit it off as well as you thought you would?

In times when your thoughts are running at the speed of light, knowing that you are looking your absolute best can do wonders for alleviating feelings of anxiety. Even if you aren’t the most confident girl out there, looking like you are can certainly allow you to feel that way – you know what they say, fake it till you make it!

Besides putting together a stunning outfit and spritzing on your most signature scent, there are a couple of beauty services you can get done to ensure that you look and feel your best on your first date. Without further ado, here is your ultimate first date checklist!

#1. Eyebrow embroidery

There is nothing that says a put-together woman more than well-groomed and defined brows. Indeed, eyebrows have the power to completely transform your appearance and allow you to look younger than you actually are.

Eyebrow embroidery

Your face can be made to appear slimmer and more defined with the proper brow shape (check out our guide to eyebrow and face shape pairings). Additionally, well-groomed brows might direct attention to the top of the face in order to hide any flaws you might have on the bottom. Besides, research has discovered that men find women with defined brows much more attractive!

9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery

If you are looking to give your brows a little upgrade before your date, consider Avone Beauty Secret’s 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery. This revolutionary embroidery technique creates the finest and most natural-looking brow strokes without any pain or downtime. The 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery treatment is so gentle, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema!

With the help of a specialised “9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needle”, colour pigments are carefully deposited without making any obvious lesions on the skin’s epidermis.

Well-defined brows

The results? Well-defined brows that are sure to impress your date!

#2: Lip embroidery

When it comes to dates, lipsticks are a product that cannot be missed. Lipsticks highlight and draw attention to the lips. Lips are regarded as a sensual aspect of the body, so emphasising them might increase a woman’s appeal to the male sex. Moreover, you might end up getting a lucky kiss at the end of the night, so you’d want to feel confident knowing that your lips look good!

Lip embroidery

If you weren’t #blessed with juicy lips, fret not. With the help of Avone Beauty Secret’s Lip Embroidery treatment, you’d be able to achieve luscious and beautiful lips. Lip embroidery is a procedure that improves one’s natural lip shape and definition, as well as the colour and lustre of their lips. It can also help to even out uneven lips. Depending on the technique and the unique micro-pigments used in the procedure, lip embroidery may last anywhere from one to two years. Colour pigments will be at their deepest right after treatment and gradually change to a natural glow!

#3: Hair treatment

Did you know that hair is considered to be something that men are attracted to?

Hair treatment

According to studies, 82% of men surveyed indicated that healthy hair is a key element to a woman’s overall sex appeal. The truth of the matter is that healthy hair triggers an instinctive, primal response in men. Just like how a man would find a flattering outfit attractive, healthy hair exudes a sense of feminity and friendliness.

The last thing you’d want is to rock up to your first date with frizzy and unkept hair that turns your date off. Check out Avone Beauty Secret’s award-winning Korean Gloss Treatment for an effective hair treatment that will reduce frizz by 90% and leave you with shiny, glossy and hydrated hair to die for.


And there we have it, 3 incredible beauty services to check off your to-do list when preparing for a first date. With the help of these treatments, you’d be able to look and feel your absolute best and have the time of your life on your date.


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