Avone Korean Essence Brows Embroidery

The trend of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore has been increasing throughout the past few years due to the popularity of the different kinds of embroidery in the market.

In 2016, the most talked about eyebrow embroidery technique is definitely the semi-permanent Essence Brows Embroidery, also known as 粉黛雾眉

For Avone Beauty Secrets latest Essence Brows embroidery, the end result looks very natural as the full form of the brows will emerge to be very soft and demure. The eyebrow colour will look lighter from the inner tip of one’s brows subtly transfiguring to a soft darker shade reflecting the Essence of this most popular new Brows Embroidery trend.

One of the most unique features of the ABS Korean Essence Brows Embroidery is the gradient effect as different shades of the primary colour pigments are carefully administered through a layering technique. This creates a powdered shadow effect to achieve superbly natural and fuller-looking brows.

During the first few hours when the embroidery is done, the colour pigments are at its deepest, however after about a week when the colour pigments stabilises, it will begin to look more natural with the desired results. With proper maintenance and aftercare essentials, the embroidery usually last up to 2 years.

Having this new brows embroidery, it allows one to save time and hassle on makeup. Always looking trendy & fresh even when swimming or after a morning run.