Signature Embroidery

Anna Lin’s Portfolio

For over 15 years in the beauty and embroidery faceworks industry, Anna Lin has crafted embroidered eyebrows to beautify more than 20,000 male and female clients locally. All of them are thoroughly pleased with the results. Critically acclaimed and widely celebrated, Anna’s embroidery faceworks are highly sought after, and she has been invited to perform public and private demonstrations of her mastery in this delicate and sophisticated embroidery technique.

Anna Lin has long been well known for her expertise back in her home town. She is a certified Embroidery Specialist from one of the top beauty associations in Japan and have received esteemed recognition from the prestigious International Beauty & Health General Union of Korea for her extensive study and research of creating revolutionary award-winning embroidery techniques. Anna’s works are highly sought after, and fellow practitioners in the field of eyebrow embroidery have always shown an interest to learn her “secrets”. Many have approached her for tutorship

Anna’s achievements in the field of embroidery faceworks are recognised internationally. Anna has been invited to sit on the panel of judges of the annual International Beauty & Health Olympics Competitions in Korea (Semi Permanent Artistry Segment) since 2013. Recently, she has been appointed as a Celebrity Semi-Permanent Embroidery Artist for 2016 Miss Tourism International Pageant