Reasons Why Eyelashes Make A Big Difference In Your Looks

Reasons Why Eyelashes Make A Big Difference In Your Looks

Reasons Why Eyelashes Make A Big Difference In Your Looks

Much like the trend on TikTok would say, gorgeous, gorgeous girls get their lashes done!

Unless you’re like Patrick Star and have been living under a rock, you would probably be aware of the fact that long, fluttery lashes are something that is on almost every girl’s bucket list.

Just look up any “how to glow-up” videos on YouTube or TikTok, and we can guarantee that getting your lashes done is always one of the not-so-secret tips shared in these video tutorials.

Why is that the case, though? What is it about lashes that give them the power to instantly propel you from looking like an average 6 to a stunning 10?

You know what they say, girls have got to stick together! So, we have compiled some of the many reasons why eyelashes make such a significant difference in your appearance and why you should definitely get them done!

1. Makes your eyes look bigger

Makes your eyes look bigger

We know you work hard to achieve that perfect ‘barely awake’ look – but sometimes all it takes is a beautiful pair of lashes to help you look more awake. What’s more, it is scientifically proven that big eyes exude a sense of kindness and friendliness – talk about making a great first impression on anyone you meet!

No matter the shape or colour of your eyes, you can count on long lashes to make them appear bigger and brighter. Curled and dark-coloured lashes open up your eyes and create the appearance of a wide-eyed gaze!

2. Allows you to look younger than you actually are

If you thought bigger eyes were all long lashes can help to achieve, think again!

Everyone knows that as we get older, our eyelashes tend to get shorter and thinner. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would appear younger if your eyelashes were longer!

Still not convinced? Here’s some scientific evidence to back this up – a study conducted in 2011 found that a darker limbal ring (the dark ring around the eye’s iris) is a strong indicator of health and age. Typically, an individual’s limbal ring is most prominent during their youth. Scientists have found that dark and long eyelashes highlight a person’s sclera (the whites of the eyes), which emphasises their limbal rings further. By bringing out these aspects of the eyes, you’ll look healthier, more attractive and more youthful! Fascinating, isn’t it?

3. Gives you a boost of confidence

There’s nothing that says confidence more than a bold, red lip. There is no denying that any girl that rocks a red lip will be turning heads and looking like a total #GirlBoss. And we’ll let you in on a little secret — what lipstick is to your lips; long eyelashes are to your eyes!

Long, dark, and fluttery eyelashes essentially generate the same contrast with the surrounding skin that a lipstick does. Having long eyelashes is undoubtedly more attractive than having short and sparse ones.

According to science, eyelashes are necessary to shield our eyes from airborne dust. But, hey! Who wouldn’t like to turn some heads and feel confident?



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