Radio – Wave Mole & Pigmentation Removal

Radio – Wave Mole & Pigmentation Removal
Fretting over the sight of those unsightly moles and pigmentation on your face? Not to worry as we have the solution for you to achieve a perfect flawless look by using our latest radio-wave technique which helps to remove moles and pigmentations.This latest radio wave technique is painless and only requires less than 5 minutes to remove each spot. The number of session required to remove the mole/pigmentation completely depends on each individual. Do drop by for a no obligation consult with our professional therapist who would be able to further advise you.Before the start of the process, numbing cream will be applied on the treatment area and after 15mins, the procedure will begin.Once done, you will notice that a scab is starting to form around the treated area which will eventually slowly fall off about one to two weeks later when a fresh skin grows. This is the body’s reaction to shed the dead skin. Do not attempt to peel off the dead skin yourself as letting the skin’s healing process take its course helps to provide a better end results and minimizes complications.After care is important and essential to ensure that you get the best result from the radio wave treatment.

Avone Essential Care Guide


A copy of the aftercare essential will be given to you after the treatment process.When cleansing your face, do not use excessive force to rub/scrub the treated area. Complete peeling off of the dead skin cells and healing process varies among individual ranging from 3 months to 8 months or some, even longer. However, as each month passes, the scar will slowly lighten and fade as shown in the photos below and soon, you would be able to achieve the perfect flawless look that you desire.

Skin tag removal 

Khatrina’s journey

Khatrina’s Journey to Beautiful Skin

Khatrina has many concerns on her complexion especially regarding her skin tags with pigmentation and wanted to firm up her double chin too.
She longed for an effective solution and consulted our JEM outlet therapist’s professional advise. After analysing Khatrina’s skin condition, our therapist specially customised a personalised program. A combination of treatments were given such as the latest Ultralift Thermal Wave which effectively tightens and firm up her under chin. She now has a more defined underchin contour. And Radiowave Frequency that had her skin tags and serious pigmentation resolved. In just 3 weeks, Khatrina’s got her wish and her desired results! She’s very pleased indeed! And we are grateful to her for sharing her amazing journey on our site here.

Khatrina had her treatments done at JEM.