Post-Eyebrow Embroidery & Aftercare: 4 Questions Answered

Post-Eyebrow Embroidery & Aftercare: 4 Questions Answered

Post-Eyebrow Embroidery & Aftercare: 4 Questions Answered

For those of you struggling with getting your eyebrows on fleek, you’re not alone! Cue one of life’s first world beauty problems: battling sparse, uneven brows. Before you brush off the significance of boasting well-trimmed eyebrows, let us emphasise that flaunting defined brows can do wonders in boosting your confidence and feeling your best self!

The shape of your eyebrows conveys a story: it expresses your emotions and allows others to glean insight into your thoughts. Plus, a set of gorgeous brows can accentuate your facial features and flatter your looks! With Insta-worthy brows looking on point all day, err day, they’re sure to be the object of envy amongst your friends – and who doesn’t love compliments?

If you’re not blessed with perfect eyebrows, don’t let it put a damper on your spirits! With conventional or microblading eyebrow embroidery procedures available for both men and women, nothing can stop you in your quest to attain immaculate brows. And as with all cosmetic treatments, following the aftercare instructions to a tee is vital.

What post-eyebrow embroidery maintenance, you may ask? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you from start to end (yes, we actually mean from the start of your eyebrow embroidery session up to aftercare!) So, let us dive straight into four essential brow aftercare measures you must adopt for long-lasting results!

1. I’m done with my eyebrow embroidery session! So… what’s next?

Firstly, congratulations on taking a leap of faith and embarking on your first eyebrow embroidery session!

Now, you’re well on your way to possessing stunning brows. Because micro-needles are used to implant colour pigment onto your skin, the area surrounding your eyebrows will be a tad red and tender.

Good news: any discomfort you experience post-brow embroidery will start to wane in a couple of days as your skin begins to heal!

Upon checking out your eyebrows in the mirror, brace yourself for a shocking discovery: the colour of your newly-embroidered brows are darker and bolder than expected! Before you panic, know that this is normal and part of the recovery process.

Due to the pigment embedded onto your skin, your brows will appear darker upon the initial completion of the treatment. However, the colour is bound to fade over time gradually (yes, rest assured they will become natural and lighter in shade) as dead skin cells around your eyebrows start to shed.

And finally, cue drum roll, the long wait for your dazzling brows is over – they will turn out exactly like how you envisioned it to be!

2. When will my eyebrows be back in the game? (Or in translation, heal?)

All good things are worth the wait, and so are your fresh set of beautiful brows!

We get it, you’re dying to hasten the healing process of your eyebrows and achieve your desired results. As excited as you (and us, too!) are to show off your new #iwokeuplikethis look, a certain recovery period is to be expected.

Let’s throwback to our above-mentioned point regarding how your brows will appear darker following your embroidery procedure. The boldness of your eyebrows lasts about four days, so embrace this fuller look before it starts to fade to a natural shade!

Do be patient with the process, for your tender skin is still regenerating and exfoliating itself. (We promise it’ll be worth it!)

Around the fifth day, scabbing starts to occur and persists for about two weeks. By then, your brows would have lightened impressively. And upon the six-week mark, voilà, the actual colour of your eyebrows will come through!

Now, it’s time to go ham with your Instagram selfies and flaunt them soft, powdered brows!

3. Are there any aftercare essentials that I absolutely must have post-eyebrow procedure?

As they say, no pain, no gain (well, not pain, but you get our drift!); you must commit to a fixed aftercare regimen to speed up the healing process and preserve the longevity of your brows. So long you follow our aftercare instructions, your dream brows will come to life in no time!

First, when scabbing of your brows ensues, do not attempt to scratch or peel the flaky skin, for it can cause patchy results or scarring! Trust us, you wouldn’t want that at all.

Meanwhile, other no-go’s include: slabbing on makeup, moisturisers, sunblock or lotion around your brow area amidst the healing process, as it can clog your pores and cause an infection. And also – keep the treated brows area dry for the first week so it’s best not to have facials or a swim. Engaging in sports and vigorous exercises not encouraged as the salt in your sweat can make for premature colour fading.

Lastly, we can’t emphasise this enough: always apply the aftercare cream you can get from your brow artist daily! It will work wonders at soothing the discomfort or itchiness you may feel post-procedure, as well as hasten the healing process. If you prefer something plant-based, try Aloe Vera gel which is a good alternative.

Never skip this, or the efforts you’ve dedicated to maintaining your new eyebrows will go kaput – you’ve been warned.

4. Am I free to work my new set of brows or is a touch-up session lined up for me?

Scheduling a touch-up session with your beautician is definitely essential if you yearn for long-lasting eyebrow embroidery results. Why?

Bear in mind – this is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment, so naturally, regular touch-up appointments are needed to maintain the stunning colour of your brows! In fact, here’s our exclusive recommendation: get at least one touch-up procedure six weeks after your first eyebrow embroidery session for your skin to hold on to the pigment better.

Don’t worry; a touch-up is a simplified process of the usual microblading process – this means no pain, a shorter procedure, and a faster recovery speed!

After all, this time, your brow artist will only be filling in the sparse areas of your brows with more pigment. Once your brows have healed and the touch-up session is complete, you can heave a sigh of relief; the treatment is finished!

Meanwhile, if you find that the colour of your brows is fading quickly or gaps are starting to show; you know what to do next: simply reach out to your beautician and arrange for another touch-up. This way, you’ll have flawless brows for a lifetime!

Note: The healing process applies more to microblading or conventional eyebrow embroidery. Our 9V Virtual Brows Embroidery blesses you with zero downtime, so a swim or facial is all yours to indulge in. The perks don’t end here – the next touch is 4-6 months away while immediate results are guaranteed.


Eyebrow embroidery treatments for both men and women are life-changing procedures. Waking up to picture-perfect brows every day? Check! What more can we want than alluring brows, a streamlined makeup routine, and simple aftercare essentials?

With the ease that Korean eyebrow embroidery in Singapore provides, it’s no wonder that most gravitate towards this form of cosmetic treatment. At Avone Beauty Secrets, we have a plethora of beauty services that are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. Be it our 6V eyebrow embroidery or classic brow tint, your brows will be groomed to perfection!