Signature Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery is considered a very special art as it requires very delicate skills and patience to achieve the desired beautiful and natural results. It requires many years of dedicated training to master this delicate art to perfection.

For embroidered eyebrows, you are able to notice brow hair strands unlike normal eyebrow tattoo or make up ones which may not look as natural as its having one’s brows drawn and colour over. Imagine having your perfect set of natural looking brows semi-permanently without having the hassle to draw or maintain it every day.

The Procedure

This is how the process flows; before the embroidery aesthetics treatment begins. The Embroidery Specialist will first have a Brows Analysis Session which they will find out the customer’s preference, requirements and desired results. They will explain the techniques and brow trends and begin by drawing the brow shape according to the customer’s facial features and requirements. From the Brows Analysis, the customer will decide the preferred technique, brows trend and shape.

After which, a special medical grade anaesthetic cream will be placed on the area for about 15 to 30minutes before the embroidery procedure begins. Using the latest embroidery technique which minimises procedure pain, our embroidery specialist will skillfully craft the perfect set of brows just for you.

The ingredients in the dye used are from natural source and HSA approved so there is rarely any side effects. As we place great importance on our clients’ well being, after any embroidery work is done, our clients will get a copy of our Avone Embroidery Care. And To allow our clients to fully appreciate the embroidered brows, we provide free unlimited touch-up period for selected eyebrow embroidery packages*. (*Free Touch Up Period May Differ For Promotional Offers.)

Avone Embroidery Essential Care Guide

Thank You For Selecting Avone For Your Beauty Care! We Place Great Importance On Our Clients’ Wellbeing. Like Any Other Treatments, Follow-Up Care Is Very Important To Ensure Clients Get Their Desired Results With No Cause Of Irritation.

For All Embroidery Works which Includes Eyebrow Embroidery/ Lips Embroidery/ Eye-Line & Lips-Line Enhancements & Moles/Spots Removal – (During The First Week)

  • Please Ensure There Is No Agitation To The Treated Area Like Rubbing And Peeling Of The Skin.
  • Applying Cosmetics Or Even Skincare Products Is Not Advisable.
  • Facials/Steaming Hot Bath Are Not Recommended.
  • Keep Treated Area Dry
  • Applying An Aftercare Cream Is Recommended. You May Purchase One From Our Staff. Alternatively, Using Pure Aloe Vera Gel Can Soothe Any Discomforts As Well. The Aftercare Cream Can Soothe Discomforts And Speeds UpThe Healing Process. Specially For Lips Embroidery/Lips-line Enhancement (Besides The Information Above)
  • It Is Recommended To Take A Course Of Antibiotics After Treatment To Minimize Any Possibility Of Infection.

Please Ensure No Consumption Of Seafood Or ‘Heaty’ Food. Please Note All The Ingredients In The Dye Used Are From Natural Source & HSA Approved, Thus Side Effects Are Fairly Rare. However Depending On Individual Skin Structure; If An Allergy Do Occur Like Continuous Swelling For More Than A Week & After Taking The Above Necessary Care; Please See A Doctor. If You Have Any Further Queries Or Concerns, Please Feel Free To Approach Our Staff.