Nail Mistakes You’re Making That Are Damaging Your Nails

Nail Mistakes You’re Making That Are Damaging Your Nails

Nail Mistakes You’re Making That Are Damaging Your Nails

Calling all nail enthusiasts!

Are you sick and tired of dealing with brittle, damaged or weak nails?

You might be surprised to find that some of your everyday habits may be damaging your precious nails. Fear not, though, because we are going to shed some light on the common nail mistakes you might be making and offer some helpful tips on how to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

1. Biting nails

Let’s first begin with a common nail habit a lot of us are probably guilty of – nail biting. We’ve all been there – whether its during times of stress and anxiety, or its simply a bad habit we’ve picked up along the way.

But did you know that this is a bad habit that bites back?

Biting your nails not only leave them looking unattractive, but can also introduce harmful bacteria into your mouth. This can lead to infections and weaken your nail structure.

Break this habit by finding alternative stress-reliving techniques and keeping your nails trimmed.

2. Using harsh chemicals

Ever heard of the saying, “less is more”?

Even though it may be fun to try out new nail polishes, gels and acrylics, it’s important to be aware of the products we use and the potential damage they can cause.

Some products may contain harsh chemicals that can strip your nails of their natural oils, leaving them brittle and fragile.

Generally, it is wise to choose gentler acetone-free removers, and try to wait a while between manicures to give your nails a chance to recover and breathe.

3. Neglecting your diet

Did you know that the condition of your nails can be significantly impacted by your diet?

Your nails require proper nourishment from the inside out, much like your skin, hair, and general health!

Weak and brittle nails can be caused by a lack of essential vitamins and minerals including biotin, zinc, and iron. To provide your nails the nutrition they require to remain strong and healthy, be sure to incorporate foods like eggs, almonds, leafy greens, and fish into your diet.

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