Look Good in Less Time: Beauty Hacks for Time-Pressed Mums

Look Good in Less Time: Beauty Hacks for Time-Pressed Mums

Look Good in Less Time: Beauty Hacks for Time-Pressed Mums

“Why do you look so tired?” is a question that every mother can’t stop hearing.

Whether you have slept for 3 or 10 hours last night, the cumulative effects of stressing over your kids’ studies, fretting over their meals, and keeping up with their antics have definitely taken a toll on your appearance over the years.

But I don’t have time, there are so many other things to attend to! We hear you protest, and we totally feel you.

That is why we are here to offer you our best tips on how to look effortlessly refreshed all the time, without the tedious 10-step beauty routine! That way, you can always be glowing, looking confident and at your best, ready to take on your next task as a super-mum!

Rejuvenate your precious locks

If wrestling with frizzy, unkempt hair is your biggest beauty struggle, you must hear us out.

Instead of frantically trying to tame your hair with hair products before rushing to send your kids to school or jump online for your Zoom meeting, consider investing time for just ONE hair treatment session.

One session is all you need to enjoy months of glossy, frizz-free hair!

A good hair treatment to begin with would be Avone Beauty Secrets’ award-winning Korean Keratin and Gloss Smoothening Treatment. Promised to reduce up to 90% of frizz, the treatment might even lead you to adopt simpler, quicker hairstyles since your hair would already look flawless as it is.

Invest in facials to go foundation free

The foundation-free look is hard to achieve and is likely what super mummies who have to rush all day dream of. But really, how do people look so good without foundation?

And here is the beauty secret that Avone always imparts to our clients: going back to the roots by taking care of their skin! No one has perfect skin, but you can maintain a healthy glow and minimise blemishes with a good skincare routine that suits you best.

Our favourite way to do so is by investing some time and money into regular facial sessions!

At Avone Beauty Secrets, we offer quick and convenient facials in 60 minutes and under, such as the Avone Revitalised Facial, Avone Ultimate Deep Cleanse, and the Avone Ampoule Rejuvenating Facial Spa.

Besides being a treat for your skin, the sessions are also relaxing and refreshing, suitable as a quick much-needed mid-week perk-me-up for all the fatigued mummies!

Look great, enjoy yourselves and always be pampered with confidence, mummies!

Get your brows embroidered

Now imagine scuttering around trying to make sure your child has gotten all their homework, lunch money and everything they need for school while you multi-task and try to get yourself ready for work at the same time. You are just out of the door when you realise you left your file in the study room and you blast in to quickly get it! “What a close shave!” you’ll think. But while en route to work, you realise that everyone that walks pass you, is giving you a weird look. You suddenly look at your reflection and realise…YOUR EYEBROWS ARE MISSING! You totally forgot to complete your make-up when your child was screaming for their missing homework in the morning.

To avoid disasters like this, you should really consider getting semi-permanent makeup like eyebrow embroidery! Technology is so advanced now that eyebrow embroidery is no longer horror stories of just 2 patchy colours but highly defined strokes that mimic hairs of your real brows. No one would know the difference until they are looking at you with a magnifying glass! Moreover, think of all the hours you’ll save! Plus, you can always be confident that you will still look refreshed and put together upon reaching your workplace when you get your eyebrows embroidered.

Entrepreneur, beauty blogger and single-mum Elaine Heng has only good things to say about Avone Beauty Secrets’ latest 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery procedure and how it helped in her daily beauty routines especially since there are times when her hands are full from taking care of her two boys.

Like her experience, busy mamas like you can also look forward to super-gentle microblading eyebrow embroidery that will give you impeccable brows for months without any touch-ups needed.

Causing no noticeable lesions and only minimal pain (such that even those with sensitive skin and eczema can also enjoy its benefits), rest assured you can go straight back to mummy duties or work duties now that faded, thin, uneven brows have become the least of your worries!

Consider lip embroidery

With more mask-off scenarios allowed now, it’s high time to restart your lips care regime. Except, are you having trouble finding that perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade? Or do you put on lipstick so hastily that it ends up looking like a smudge-fest?

Here’s how you can spend more time with your little ones while chasing your boss girl status at work and less time on your lips – lip embroidery!

Avone Beauty Secrets’ 9V Lips Embroidery Treatment works similarly to eyebrow embroidery, except that it’s for the lips.

Most importantly, this is THE solution for those that are worried about discoloration of the lips largely due to lifestyle or hormonal changes, especially after pregnancy.

Infused with specialised antioxidants and nano-pigments, this helps ensure your discoloured lips will look lustrous, well defined and “stay in the pink” for about 1 to 2 years with proper care!


We always think that looking beautiful and feeling confident comes with a price and much effort – but surprisingly  in reality, cost can be so much lower and maintenance processes can be so much easier than you’d expect!

By spending just a few hours at a beauty salon a couple of times a year for treatments like eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, you can enjoy looking more radiant and presentable anytime, anywhere.

Don’t work hard. Work smart!

Let Avone Beauty Secrets be your partner in maintaining a beautiful, confident you. Contact us today to enquire about our award-winning treatments and accessible locations island wide!