Moving Jurong Point Operations

Moving Jurong Point Operations

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Dear Customer

We are moving our Jurong Point Operations to Jem!

We will be consolidating our operations at Jurong Point with our Jem (situated at Jurong East MRT station) operations. The consolidation will involve the closure of our Jurong Point store and opening of a larger store in Jem. The new store will also be our second store at Jem. We believe that the consolidation will bring better services to our customers.

We will close our Jurong Point store on 22 October 2022. This will be the last day of service appointment at the Jurong Point store. All unused service packages will be transferred to our Jem store.

Our second store located at #06-03 in Jem will open on 24 October 2022. Please look out for the opening of our new store to bring you better and a wider range of services.

To make an appointment or to make an enquiry, please call 63487661 (Jurong Point) or 67347311 (Jem).



我们将把 Jurong Point 业务搬迁到 Jem!

我们将把 Jurong Point 分店的业务搬迁到位于裕廊东的 Jem 分店。搬迁计划包括关闭我们的 Jurong Point 分店,并在 Jem 商场开设一家更大的分店。新店也将是我们在 Jem 的第二家分店。我们相信合并将为我们的客户带来更好的服务。

我们将于 2022 年 10 月 22 日关闭 Jurong Point 分店。这将是 Jurong Point 分店服务预约的最后一天。所有未使用的服务配套都将转移到我们的 Jem 分店。

我们位于 Jem #06-03 的第二家分店将于 2022 年 10 月 24 日开业。请期待我们新店的开业,为您带来更好和更广泛的服务。

预约或查询,请致电 63487661 (Jurong Point) / 67347311 (Jem)。