Important Things To Note Before Getting Eyebrow Embroidery

Important Things To Note Before Getting Eyebrow Embroidery

Important Things To Note Before Getting Eyebrow Embroidery

Facial features are undoubtedly important – cue Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang. His undeniable love for his partner (including his love for her facial features) show how much of an impact it can have in the world of romance, and reality.

Makeup products and beauty treatments have emerged to help uplift anyone’s appearance – both women and men included! Whether it’s for one’s own confidence or to work an appearance and impress your clients – facial features carry a lot of weight.

Still, there’s one important facial feature that he missed out – eyebrows. A set of defined brows can do pretty much anything – they frame your face and accentuate the beauty of your looks. Match your brows with fluttery lashes, rosy cheeks, and full lips – and you’ll be serving a look of the century!

So, sparse eyebrows since birth? Or poor habits with tweezers since young? Those are a problem no more with microblading eyebrow embroidery coming your way. Fuller, neater, and bolder brows? Check.

But before you jump on any brow salon – you’ve got to be aware of some facts if you want to enjoy your eyebrow embroidery results down to the ground. So, uncover these four key points before your first session!

1. Most are eligible, but exceptions do exist

Even if you already have your heart set on getting your eyebrows embroidered by a qualified embroidery specialist, never leave out the good ol’ pal known as research. Health implications and risks exist – always stay on your toes and watch out for them!

Otherwise, you know what to do – leave it to a professional specialist to ascertain your suitability for eyebrow embroidery!

After all, it’s a cosmetic treatment that utilises microneedles to make small incisions on the surface of your skin for colour pigmentation. Sure, it sounds like no big deal but it actually can be. (We’re not kidding!)

As much as we at Avone Beauty Secrets ourselves want to give the greenlight to every individual who’s ready to dive into eyebrow embroidery – we can’t. For instance, those with transmittable blood diseases like HIV or Hepatitis will not be given the green light.

Why, you may ask? Simply because microblading involves puncturing the skin underneath the brow with microneedles to implant colour pigments. Administering this treatment on candidates with these conditions may compromise one’s and other clients’ wellbeing.

So, do your duly research and stay safe!

2. Quality comes first – always go for qualified brow salons

Everything comes at a price – including eyebrow embroidery. Still, is the most affordable or expensive really the best choice? We beg to differ.

Quality takes priority, not the cost. So, it definitely goes to say that seeking out reputable beauticians is a must! We’re talking positive testimonials, skills, and experience.

Especially since your embroidered eyebrows will last for years – sessions of excellent craft and skills will save you money spent on eyebrow aftercare products in the long run! Besides, poorly done procedures will require you to fork out more cash for brows correction or more touch-up sessions. Bummer, there goes your poor wallet.

Case in point?

Avoid beauty salons with lesser experience and thoughtfulness – at all cost. They’re less likely to adhere to stringent hygiene standards or utilise quality tools and materials, and you’ll only end up as a victim. Your skin may experience adverse affects – let’s say, skin inflammations – amidst the eyebrow embroidery process.

So, choose your skilful beautician wisely, and you can greet your beautifully embroidered brows hello – without all the side effects or health concerns!

At Avone Beauty Secrets, quality and skills are certain. Witness our cherished customer May Yee’s delightful experience thanks to our professional Brows Specialist at our Century Square branch. She chose our Korean Essence Brows Embroidery service to go for a set of redefined brows, accompanied by an absolute soft gradient powdered effect.

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore, Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

3. If it is too painful, feel free to ask for more numbing cream!

Your comfort takes priority, always!

For any eyebrow embroidery treatment – your brow artist will apply a layer of topical numbing cream on your brows before implanting any colour pigmentation on the surface of your skin. Feel close to no pain at all, all thanks to the power of numbing cream. (Yes, it’s that powerful.)

However, each power has its limit – and so do topical gels. Numbing cream’s effects are brief – so, poof goes the numbing sensation, and behold the discomfort.

Still, don’t get all panicked! Who says you can’t ask for more cream?

As per your request, your beautician will apply more numbing cream there and then, all in order to reduce the chances of reoccurring pain during the embroidery process.

Note: Extending or prolonging the duration of your treatment may more or less occur, due to you having to wait for the effect of the numbing cream to kick in before the procedure can resume.

However, rest assured. At Avone Beauty Secrets, we only use medical grade anaesthetic cream – ultimate numbness unleashed, zero pain guaranteed!

Furthermore, our techniques are well-known as it only involves minimal pain or is even practically pain-free. (Heads up, it applies especially to our renowned 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery – it’s so gentle that it can be performed on a balloon – you can hold us to our word!)

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore, Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

We meant what we said, for real. In fact, here’s one of our satisfied customers after undergoing our 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery session.

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore, Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

4. The heal-all cure for your brows – aftercare

For your new set of eyebrows to heal beautifully, it’s a must to follow your beautician’s aftercare instructions to a tee!

Skip any form of maintenance or care and you’ll hold up the recovery process of your brows, or in the worst-case – it all goes kaput. Bacteria invades your precious brows and an infection occurs. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

So, pay close attention to what we’re about to say, we’re dead serious.

Applying Aftercare Cream on the dry treated area is highly recommended, and you can easily get one home from our helpful staff! Kill two birds with one stone using the Aftercare Cream – soothe discomfort and speed up the healing process at one go.

Otherwise, Pure Aloe Vera Gel will do the trick just fine when it comes to soothing any discomforts.

Pro tip: Avoid spreading the gel on wet skin, you don’t want to clog up the pores on your brows and end up slowing down the healing process. It’s the last thing that you want to do.

Sometimes the skin around your brows may also feel slightly itchy, so you may really be tempted to scratch the itch away or give it a touch – but DON’T.

Give in to your temptation to pick, peel, or scratch your brows and you’re in trouble as uneven colour pigmentation may occur. And facials or chemical treatments? It’s a no can do for now as it’ll cause skin irritation.

In the meantime, following the eyebrow embroidery session, simply seek advice from your beautician and understand when you can get the green light to resume your aesthetic treatments!


With the ease and allure that comes with eyebrow embroidery treatments, you can now save precious time spent on your usual makeup routine and wake up feeling your best self every day! If you are ready for a life-changing brows makeover, it’s time you seek an eyebrow embroidery specialist.

At Avone Beauty Secrets, we offer a wide range of premium brow treatments, such as quality Korean eyebrow embroidery, or specifically, our Korean Essence Brows Embroidery! It’s targeted to enhance the beauty of your facial features, all with the sheer power of the gradient effect. Enjoy fuller and natural-looking brows instantly with the soft powdered shadow effect. So, if you’re keen – our dedicated team of specialists is also well-equipped to advise you on how to achieve the best results with our effective procedures. Kickstart your brow journey and book an appointment with us today!