How To Have Fuller, Bolder Brows With Raved Natural Remedies

How To Have Fuller, Bolder Brows With Raved Natural Remedies

How To Have Fuller, Bolder Brows With Raved Natural Remedies

It’s a fact that perfectly groomed brows are the beauty obsession of the decade.

Considering how we can’t go a week without seeing a new eyebrow trend pop up on our Instagram feeds, the #onfleek arch revolution has clearly taken the world by storm.

And truth be told, which girl doesn’t dream of possessing a set of luscious, powdered brows worthy of envious gazes? Certainly not us!

Thanks to thick-browed beauties like Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, Hollywood has ousted the over-plucked eyebrow trend of the ‘90s (like, finally?) and inspired us to embrace the au natural look instead. Sayonara, pencil-thin arches, and hello, fluffy brows!

But you know how it is – leave us with a pair of tweezers for long enough, and we’ll start experimenting with our natural brows in a bid to look like our favourite mid-aughts influencers.

If you’re not a bushy-browed babe, don’t sweat it!

While nothing beats the life-changing effects of professional microblading eyebrow embroidery (which we stan), we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you attain thick, glamorous brows – and effective home remedies at that, winkwink.

1. Castor oil

Did you know that the key to a strong eyebrow game is volume? That’s why we’ve turned to several organic products specially formulated to boost the growth of our brows!

And our current fave? A mind-blowing essential known as castor oil.

But hold up, before you brush it off as another mere beauty fad – trust us when we say that this product does wonders in promoting the growth of your eyebrows. (#provenwithfacts)

Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans.

It’s a prime example of how an optimal brow growth product should be, for it comprises fatty acids, vitamin E, and many other minerals. These are vital ingredients raved to stimulate hair growth and repair damaged hair follicles!

One of its star components includes ricinoleic acid, a nutrient that improves blood circulation. What’s more, it strengthens your hair follicles, leading to stronger strands and lesser breakage!

Simply dip a clean spoolie brush or a cotton swab in the oil and gently brush the product across your brows! Then, leave it on for 30 minutes before washing your face.

P.S. We recommend applying it twice a day: once in the morning and another at night.

And gals, don’t ever forget that patience is critical – so you’ll have to commit to this routine for a month or two before results start to show!

2. Coconut oil

You’re not a true-blue beauty enthusiast if you’ve never heard of the magical powers of coconut oil!

Making its mark as one of the top hair growth products in the haircare industry, coconut oil is a holy grail to have in your vanity. Bid adios to sparse brows, for this essential oil, possesses nutrients that magnificently enhance your brows’ fullest potential!

What coconut oil does is retain the moisture content in your brows and hydrate its surrounding skin.

Without adequate moisturisation of your eyebrows, your hair follicles can become brittle and break off easily! You heard us right, girlie – if you want your brows to appear healthier and fuller, it’s crucial to give it the love and hydration it deserves.

Plus, did we mention that your skin is home to an assortment of microbes and nasty bacteria that cause skin issues?

Before you freak out, medium-chain unsaturated fats found in coconut oil boasts antibacterial properties to guard your skin against plausible skin conditions (think eyebrow dandruff and fungal infections)!

Here’s how you should apply the product: first, massage coconut oil onto your brows in the direction of its hair growth. Next, leave it throughout the night so that your hair follicles can absorb the oil thoroughly, and voilà, your new brow grooming regimen is all set!

3. Almond oil

In the glorious realm of beauty products, your ticket to flaunting gorgeous brows is almond oil.

After all, did you know that almond oil has identical properties to castor oil in terms of moisturising your brow hair? So, should you be unable to get your hands on castor oil, then this famed brow-growth staple is another perfect alternative for you!

Now now, shall we dive into why almond oil is mandatory on your must-have beauty list when it comes to achieving neater, bolder eyebrows?

Loaded with an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin E, almond oil aids in revitalising the hair follicles in your brows to keep them from breaking off! (Say, what?)

Take its composition of organic ingredients, for example; it consists of omega-9 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth – say hello, sunshine!

And wait, there’s more! This product is also incredibly moisturising, granting your brows the maximum hydration it requires to stay healthy.

Last but not least – here’s a secret for girls suffering from both dry skin and sparse brows: not only does almond oil ensure your eyebrows are effortlessly restored to an immaculate appearance, but it also soothes your surrounding sensitive skin and reduces irritation!

Indeed, we can’t stress the benefits of almond oil enough. All you need to do is apply it onto your brows before bed, leave it overnight, and let it work its magic while you sleep.


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