How To Achieve K-Beauty Brows Like Your Favourite K-pop Idol

How To Achieve K-Beauty Brows Like Your Favourite K-pop Idol

How To Achieve K-Beauty Brows Like Your Favourite K-pop Idol

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It is undeniable that K-pop stars are taking over not just the entertainment, but also the beauty scene by storm. With millions of fans all over the globe, K-pop idols today are more than just performers — they are influencers and trend-setters. And of course, their beauty is unparalleled and many of us wish we could look just like them!

From Red Velvet’s Irene to Twice’s Nayeon and more, K-pop idols are always looking stunning – with their brows on fleek 24/7. But for the average Joe, looking that good is often a struggle. After all, no matter how many Twice songs you’ve danced along to in your room, sadly, you’re no K-pop idol.

So, how do your favourite K-pop stars have perfect brows all day? What makes Korean brows different?

If you’d like to learn all about K-beauty brows and how you can look as good as your K-pop bias, keep reading!

K-beauty and brows

Women from all over the world are drawn to the way the Korean culture approaches skin care, cosmetics, and makeup. The craze surrounding K-beauty is only continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Eyebrows aren’t left out of this growing popularity either. More and more ladies are seeking out ways to replicate their favourite K-pop idols or K-drama actresses’ Korean-style eyebrows.

Why, you might ask?

For a while now, modern Korean eyebrow trends have been popular as they can help people look younger. Besides, one of the main aims of K-beauty is to imitate a youthful radiance and complexion, so it should come as no surprise that Korean brows further enhances this look!

Characteristics of Korean brows

But what exactly are Korean brows?

For comparison, the brow trend in the West is typically a strong, bold and arched brow, while a softer, straighter brow is preferred in Korea.

Characteristics of Korean brows

The majority of K-beauty advice, including current trends in Korean brows, is focused on emphasising one’s natural beauty. Because of this, Korean brows are also typically described as “feathery”, with visible fine hair strokes.

Simply put, the Korean brow trend primarily focuses on achieving well-defined and full brows all whilst maintaining a natural and soft look!

Achieving K-beauty brows on your own

If you’re looking to learn how to draw your brows Korean-style, the 3 tips below will prove helpful. Although the process may take a while, especially in the beginning, with enough practice, you’d likely be able to nail K-beauty brows in no time!

1. Re-shape your brows

As mentioned earlier, the shape of the brow is one of the defining characteristics of Korean eyebrows. When re-shaping your eyebrows, you should pay attention to the head, the arch, and the tail of the brow.

Generally, your brow should start at the bridge of your nose and end at the point above the outer edge of your eyelid. Your natural arch should also follow a straight line up from the centre of your eye.

2. Shade and fill them in

Once you have the general outline of the shape of your brows, it is time to fill them in. The goal is to achieve natural yet well-defined brows – so we would advise against going in with too much product. Instead, it would be best to start shading in the outline you have created to accomplish a light/dark effect. Fore reference, to create a natural look, the head of the brow should be the darkest, while the tail should be the lightest in colour.

3. Blend, blend, blend

A majority of people tend to call it a day after step 2. But if you’re looking for a natural finish, it is important that you grab a brush to gently blend in the colour you’ve applied to your brows. This helps to reduce the appearance of any harsh lines and create a softer look overall!

Or… Achieve K-beauty brows with NO effort at all!

If all of that sounds way too technical and impossible to achieve, fret not, we have got the solution for you!

Or… Achieve K-beauty brows with NO effort at all!

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9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needle

With this pain-free brows embroidery treatment, you will get to enjoy your desired result almost immediately, for up to 2 years with proper aftercare! Say goodbye to trying to draw your brows with shaky hands in the mornings, and hello to unleashing your inner K-pop star (and an extra 10-minutes of sleep!).

It’s effortless AND effective – what’s not to love?



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