Here’s How You Can Get Longer And Healthier Lashes

Here’s How You Can Get Longer And Healthier Lashes

Here’s How You Can Get Longer And Healthier Lashes

Who wouldn’t desire long, voluminous, and healthy lashes?

Every appearance would benefit from having long lashes and a great lash line (check out our article on the reasons why lashes are important for any look). Need to look more awake and put together for work or a casual day out with your girlfriends? Nothing long and defined lashes can’t fix!

However, it is undeniable that we were not all blessed with naturally long and healthy lashes from the get-go. And not everyone wants the hassle of applying false lashes every day just to achieve the look.

You’d be glad to know that you’re not alone if you’ve tried various ways to lengthen your lashes. If you feel like you have employed every trick in the book and don’t seem to see the results you were hoping for, then this article is for you. Keep on reading as we share some tips on how you can get longer and healthier lashes!

1. Comb through your lashes

Comb through your lashes

Daily use of an eyelash comb will help keep the lashes clean and the follicles clear by removing dirt and other debris. In fact, research has found that brushing your lashes for just 5 minutes a day can have a positive effect on the growth of your eyelashes.

Moreover, you can consider incorporating some oils into your routine. In particular, castor oil is a great option if you’re looking to grow your lashes. Natural sources of vitamin E, a powerful compound that thickens lashes, are abundant in castor oil. Castor oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and abundant in various minerals, proteins, and fatty acids!

2. Remove your makeup diligently

Remove your makeup diligently

We have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives – leaving our makeup on or only doing a quick wipe with a makeup wipe after a long day.

The negative effects of improper makeup removal on your skin should not be a surprise by now. But did you know that failing to remove your makeup diligently may hinder the growth of your lashes?

When you do not remove your mascara or eyeliner properly, the tiny hair follicles and oil glands on the eyelids may become clogged. People who head to bed with remnants of their mascara on often struggle with lash thinning or even lash loss.

3. Limit the use of mascara

Limit the use of mascara

Often likened to the magic wand, a single flick of a mascara wand can volumise, lengthen and add definition to the lashes in an instant. Even on days when you’re opting for your “no makeup” makeup looks, it is likely that you’re swiping on even a small amount of mascara to brighten your eyes.

However, despite its benefits, mascara wands can sometimes do more harm than good. As mentioned above, failing to remove your makeup diligently can cause your lashes to fall out. Similarly, using too much mascara, especially those with water-proof formulations, can cause the lashes to become excessively stiff and brittle. Stiff lashes eventually dry out, making it even more challenging to remove the mascara.

And here’s where you’d find yourself rubbing your chosen makeup removal product onto your eye area in an attempt to get all that mascara off. This can cause your delicate lashes to fall off! The despair you’ll feel when you see your precious lashes left on the cotton pad is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy!

4. Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet

Making a few dietary adjustments can have a significant positive impact on the condition of your skin, hair, and eyelashes. To promote healthy hair development, make sure you consume enough protein, leafy greens, and healthy fats.

You might also want to think about including collagen and biotin supplements in your diet. Both of these have been found to strengthen one’s hair – and they’d work just the same on your lashes!

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