Get Inspired: Korean Male Stars With Killer Eyebrows

Get Inspired: Korean Male Stars With Killer Eyebrows

Get Inspired: Korean Male Stars With Killer Eyebrows

Over the years, more and more male celebrities have been embracing seemingly “feminine” beauty trends. These days, the gender barrier when it comes to fashion is gradually getting broken down as men begin donning cosmetics and getting their nails done, among other beauty trends. In other words, male grooming has been taking centre stage.

One trend that has been gaining a ton of attention and popularity recently is microblading eyebrow embroidery. This semi-permanent cosmetic procedure involves creating tiny hair-like strokes on the brows to give them a fuller and more defined appearance.

So if you think that eyebrow embroidery is a procedure for women, think again! We have compiled a list of the names that have been rocking perfectly-defined brows and absolutely killing the #BrowGame.

Want to learn more about these Korean male celebrities and get inspired to get brow embroidery for yourself? Keep on reading!

1. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon

K-drama fans will probably be familiar with the name “Park Seo Joon”. This versatile actor is known for his work in popular K-dramas like “Itaewon Class” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”. Apart from his talent and impressive acting, Park Seo Joon is also renowned for having a well-groomed appearance, which includes his perfectly-shaped brows.

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk

Another household name in the K-drama world is none other than Nam Joo Hyuk. Best known for his roles in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, “Start-Up” and “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, this rising star has been the talk of the town for his good looks and acting skills. Like Park Seo Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk has a set of full yet defined brows. His brows are so perfect, you’d never catch him with a brow hair out of place!

3. Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook

Veteran actor Lee Dong Wook has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is known for his distinctive and striking looks and has received recognition for having thick, defined eyebrows. Not only does his brows make him look photo-ready 24/7, but their full and natural appearance allow him to look younger than he is.

4. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum

Having gained recognition for his diverse range of roles in various K-dramas, Park Bo Gum is a versatile actor, singer and musician. Park Bo Gum’s delicate, arched brows are a key part of his boy-next-door charm. His brows have a natural, effortless look that perfectly complements his soft, approachable features.


To sum up, the world of beauty and grooming is evolving, and men are breaking down gender barriers when it comes to self-care. Brow embroidery is just one example of a trend that was once considered “feminine”, but is now being embraced by male stars who are showing the world that it’s not just for women.

The 4 Korean stars we have listed above are just a few of the many celebrities who are helping to break the stigma around men getting beauty treatments .

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