Gel VS Regular Nail Polish: Why You Should Choose Gel Manicures

Gel VS Regular Nail Polish: Why You Should Choose Gel Manicures

Gel VS Regular Nail Polish: Why You Should Choose Gel Manicures

Picture this: you’ve just gotten a spectacular new manicure, only to have it chip and fade within a couple of days. Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the road. Enter gel nail polishes – the perfect solution to this frustrating situation.

If you’re sick of having to deal with chips and imperfections in your manicure, it’s time to consider gel nail polish. Not only do they offer long-lasting results, but they are also less harmful than nail extensions.

Let’s explore the differences between gel and regular nail polish and the benefits of choosing gel manicures!

1. Long-lasting

The extraordinary endurance of gel manicures is one of their greatest benefits. In contrast to regular nail polish, in which chips and peels are often inevitable in a matter of days, gel polish may last for weeks without losing its shine or vibrancy.

This means you can enjoy perfectly manicured nails for a longer period of time, with minimal effort and maintenance. Whether you’re a time-pressed mummy or busy girl boss, gel nail polishes are your go-to solution for long-lasting manicures.

2. Gives your nails some extra protection

Gives your nails some extra protection

Your nails go through a lot on a daily basis. From washing the dishes to typing away on keyboards, they endure continual wear and tear.

Gel manicures offer your nails some extra protection by keeping them from breaking and splitting. This is because gel nail polishes consist of an acrylic base with a gel topcoat that hardens when exposed to UV light. Gel manicures not only allow your nails to grow longer and stronger but also gives them a polished appearance.

3. Less damaging as compared to extensions

Less damaging as compared to extensions

Potential damage to your natural nails

While nail extensions are able to provide instant length, they often come with a hefty price tag and potential damage to your natural nails. Gel manicures are a safer alternative that allows you to rock stunning manicures with far less damage.

Nail extensions, whether gel or acrylic, require the application of additional materials to your natural nails, which can weaken them over time. In the case of nail extensions, in order to create a rough texture for improved adherence, the natural nail’s surface is often filed down. On the other hand, gel manicures are applied directly onto your natural nails, maintaining their strength and integrity.

4. Effortless maintenance

Effortless maintenance

Gel manicures are a total game-changer if you prefer low-maintenance beauty procedures.

Many individuals tend to find themselves re-applying layers or touching up chipped nails when using regular nail polish. In other words, they can be a hassle to maintain.

Gel manicures typically require little to no maintenance. Your nails are all prepped and ready to go after they have finished curing under the UV light. This means no more stressing about smudging, chipping or fading colours.

5. Endless style and variety

Endless style and variety

Wide variety of gel nail polish colours

Who says opting for a gel manicure means compromising on style?

Let your imagination run wild with the wide variety of gel nail polish colours available. Whether you’re into timeless neutrals, vibrant hues or intricate nail art, the possibilities are endless with gel manicures. Plus, there are various finishes and nail art options available, so it really depends on your personal style!


To sum up, gel manicures offer a multitude of benefits that make them a superior choice as compared to regular nail polish. They are long-lasting, protect your natural nails, and are a safer alternative to extensions. With minimal maintenance and a wide range of style options, gel manicures are the ideal choice for those seeking gorgeous yet durable nails.

So, instead of opting for a quick DIY manicure, why not treat yourself to a gel manicure and experience the wonders it brings to your fingertips?

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