Fixing Frizzy Hair: What Can You Do To Keep The Frizz Away

Fixing Frizzy Hair: What Can You Do To Keep The Frizz Away

Fixing Frizzy Hair: What Can You Do To Keep The Frizz Away

Are you tired of feeling like your hair has a mind of its own and battling frizzy hair every day? We’ve all been there. Fellow frizz fighters know that frizzy hair can turn a good hair day into a complete hair-mare in seconds.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back (or should we say, your hair) covered! We’ve put together a list of some practical tips to help you banish the frizz for good and unlock your luscious locks’ fullest potential.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this frizz-fighting adventure together!

Causes of frizzy hair

Before we jump into the solutions, let’s first get to the root of the issue.

Frizz is often the result of the outermost layer of your hair, the cuticle, being damaged and dry. The hair shaft may absorb moisture when the cuticle is rough and lifted, which causes it to swell and become frizzy.

Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Here’s the lowdown on the main frizz culprits:

  • Humidity: Ah, humidity, the arch-nemesis of all Singaporeans. Besides being an absolute pain in the butt, high humidity levels can wreak havoc on your hair, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly locks. When the air is heavy with moisture, the hair shaft becomes frizzy and poofs up like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Heat styling: Who doesn’t love a trusty flat iron or blow dryer? But it’s important to note that excessive heat can leave our hair high and dry – literally. Using too much heat on your hair can strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to frizz.
  • Over-washing: Okay, so you love that squeaky-clean feeling after every hair wash. But here’s the catch – over-washing actually strips your hair of its natural oils, which may lead to dryness and frizz. And if you’re using shampoos that contain harsh ingredients like sulphates, the frizz problem might be even worse.

What can you do to keep the frizz away?

Now that we’ve uncovered the frizz villains, it’s time to unleash the frizz-fighting superheroes. If you’re looking to tame that mane, here are some effective tips that can help keep the frizz at bay:

1. Use hair oil

Imagine a magical elixir that turns frizz into velvety, silky locks. That’s exactly what hair oils are. Hair oils are delectable concoctions that nourish and hydrate your hair whilst acting as a protective barrier against the dreaded frizz. Simply apply a few drops to your hair and watch the frizz vanish like magic.

2. Use leave-in conditioner

Besides hair oils, let’s give a huge shoutout to the unsung heroes of frizz control – leave-in conditioners! These incredible products provide an extra layer of moisture and protection, keeping your hair hydrated all day long. All you have to do is to work a small amount into your damp hair, concentrating on the ends, and voila! Silky, manageable locks of your dreams.

3. Turn down the temperature

As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”. When using heat styling tools, it would be best to avoid going all-out scorching. High temperatures are your hair’s worst enemy, because they not only cause frizz but may also damage your hair. Instead, opt for a lower heat setting, and always use a heat protectant before styling.

4. Wash wisely

As we’ve mentioned earlier, over-washing your hair can strip away its natural oils. Try extending the time between hair washes if you can. This allows your hair’s natural oils to replenish, keeping it less prone to frizz. When you do wash your hair, choose a sulphate-free shampoo that gently cleanses your scalp without stripping away moisture. Don’t forget to follow up with a nourishing conditioner to further seal in hydration and keep the frizz away.

5. Go for a hair treatment

Our hair also deserves a little extra pampering from time to time. Treat yourself to a luxurious hair treatment that will leave you feeling like a million bucks (and with fabulous hair, of course!).

Hair Treatment

There are various treatments available, such as keratin treatments or smoothing treatments that can help reduce frizz and make your hair more manageable.

Check out Avone Beauty Secret’s Award-winning Keratin and Gloss Smoothing KGLOSS Treatment. Suitable for all hair lengths and types, this treatment may reduce frizz by 90% and give your locks 3 times more shine. When you choose our KGLOSS hair treatment, you can look forward to sleek, shiny and smooth hair to die for.


So, for all the frizz-fighting comrades out there, it is time to reclaim your hair from the clutches of frizz. Armed with these tips, you’ll surely banish frizz to the far corners of the hair universe.

KGLOSS Treatment

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