Feng Shui for Your Brows? What Luck It Might Bring You?

Feng Shui for Your Brows? What Luck It Might Bring You?

Feng Shui for Your Brows? What Luck It Might Bring You?

You would have probably heard about Feng Shui at some point in your lifetime – like how having your bed facing your bedroom door will bring in bad luck.

We have all heard of Feng Shui but not many know it’s true meaning. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese culture with a belief of changing certain energy surrounding one may give or direct the flow of good energy suited for that person so as to achieve harmony, prosperity and balance.

It’s primary focus is placing the five elements of Feng Shui – wood, fire, earth metal and water – in the right positions to promote smooth and positive energy in the space.

You have probably heard a lot of people speaking about Feng Shui in the context of their home, but wait – facial features? Eyebrows?

Well, surprise! We bet you didn’t know that there is also Feng Shui for your face. And having the right facial attributes can really help you to attract positivity and in some case, good luck, prosperity and more!

But no, we are not asking you to go under the knife for that. Even small alternations to one of your most prominent facial features – brows, will too do wonders!

Feng shui and making first impressions

Now many will be wondering by now how exactly can good brows improve your overall fengshui?

From the ancient arts of facial fortune telling, the eyebrow often represents the beauty and majesty of the face, which represents a person’s morality and career luck since it directly or indirectly helps determine whether you can give a lasting impression for people.

So, to trust or not to trust in what you are talking about or how to make that person do a double-take at you, your brows do play some big roles too! A good first step is good luck to better success and opportunities!

Fullness…means prosperity!

I bet most of us have always heard our elders say “能吃是福” which technically means being able to get full from eating is a form of prosperity! So your brows, they need to get full too.

But by getting full we do not mean literally feeding your brows, but just by making sure that it is being properly “filled-up” so that it helps better portray your brow hairs to be thicker and fuller, compared to being thin and sparse.

If you believe – brows hair do have some link to your wealth. So maybe for those with a hole in the pocket, it is time to grow your brows.

Filling up your brows with the eyebrow pencils perfectly, however, may sound daunting to many but don’t worry, you can achieve similar effects with our Korean Essence Brows Embroidery too! Best part? Saves you the hassle of drawing it every day.

How about longevity?

Did you know that eyebrows are known as the “organ of longevity”?

Indeed, our brows are associated with many other aspects of our lives, including our health and vitality.

It is also believed that eyebrow length indicates a person’s social circle – the longer the brow, the more affinity they have with making friends!

Why, you might ask? Well, those with long brows are said to be down-to-earth and easy-going. Based on Feng Shui, long eyebrows indicate that one is blessed with a life filled with wealth, success and longevity.


Now, you may be eager to find out what exactly your brow shape is, but have no idea how to accurately assess them on your own. Afterall, you probably are no Feng Shui Master.

Well, fret not, we have got your back.

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