Eyebrow Embroidery, ‘No Pain, No Gain’? Myth Debunked

Eyebrow Embroidery, ‘No Pain, No Gain’? Myth Debunked

Eyebrow Embroidery, ‘No Pain, No Gain’? Myth Debunked

Eyebrow embroidery has many different terms. Microblading? Cosmetic tattooing? Semi-permanent makeup? Don’t get confused just yet – they’re all actually synonymous with eyebrow embroidery! With so many different terms used to describe the same process, it is no wonder that there are many misconceptions about eyebrow embroidery itself.

One common misconception about eyebrow embroidery is the level of pain involved. Perhaps, trying it out has crossed your mind; say… to fill in your brows, or simplify your daily makeup! But after some research, your plan only backfired and it almost seems like eyebrow embroidery is a complete no-go. (The complaints of pain and discomfort that some have experienced has absolutely scared you stiff!)

While there is no complete guarantee that all methods of eyebrow embroidery will not be painful, we assure you – there are steps you can take to ease the pain. Bid pain and discomfort goodbye as we walk you through a couple of things to keep in mind before attending your first eyebrow embroidery session!

1. Brace for impact! (Kidding…) Just take a deep breath and RELAX

Eyebrow embroidery is a method of tattooing, and it involves a needle and pigment to mimic the look of full, natural brows. Sounds heavy? Just think normal body tattoos, in the form of eyebrows.

So, as with all tattoos, there is some level of pain involved. There is unfortunately, really no escaping it – a needle cuts into the skin so the pigment can be implanted beneath the surface. There’s even the slight possibility of bleeding as the brow technician will use disposable needles to lengthen and shape your eyebrows by adding pigment in the shape of natural eyebrow hairs.

However, don’t let this spook you out! A qualified, experienced brow technician knows their stuff – reducing the pain and completing the procedure efficiently to reduce your contact time with the needle is a piece of cake. Besides, the holy grail – numbing cream – is always added to reduce the pain.

2. But remember that your brain may exaggerate the pain!

Afraid of the needles? Then, injections for blood tests and microblading eyebrow embroidery may seem more painful than it actually is.

But the reality? It at most just feels like an ant bite.

Word on the street says that eyebrow embroidery only feels slightly more uncomfortable than threading or tweezing. So, before your session, simply speak up and let your brow technician know of your anxieties – they’ll be sure to do their best to help you!

3. Buckle down, research, and land yourself a trustworthy brow technician

It’s known worldwide – eyebrow embroidery is a lengthy procedure (or maybe not to folks new to it) with long-lasting effects, as long as a skilled brow technician is by your side. Harnessing the experience and skills, you’re in for a rewarding and smooth eyebrow embroidery session; even if it’s your first time!

What’s more, any exceptional eyebrow salon will have good hygiene habits. Disposable needles, sterilised supplies… you name it. Brow technicians make sure to pay full and careful attention to you and listen to your concerns if you voice them out. Need more numbing cream? Don’t let your shyness override your discomfort – your technician would want you to have a comfortable, painless procedure too!

4. Proper aftercare matters… a whole LOT

Aftercare holds true importance like no other after eyebrow embroidery – you’ll reduce any potential discomfort that comes your way!  Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for a week, and use a dressing to cover your brows when you wash your face and shower.

And as said before, your technician is here to help throughout the entire process – and we meant it. Soothing cream or gel will be provided for the treatment area – make sure to use it religiously and adhere to the recommendations you were given. Precision and diligence are key to recovery!

After your embroidery has healed, you should gently wash your eyebrows twice a day to maintain the pigment and shape. Use a soothing antibacterial cleanser to prevent dirt and oil from irritating your skin.

5. The choice is yours – you can opt for a painless method of brow embroidery

Skimmed through all the above points, but still can’t bear to get eyebrow embroidery simply because you’re just that panic-stricken? Rest assured – always a solution to every problem.

With newer forms of technology comes better methods of brow embroidery for customers who just can’t stand the thought of enduring any sort of pain that accompanies traditional embroidery methods.

For example, Avone Beauty Secrets 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery involves a revolutionary new technique that is practically painless, all while promising the desired effects of traditional brow embroidery and there’s no downtime!

There isn’t a need to avoid water or go through the healing process of a conventional embroidery or microblading. Normally 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows eventual results are immediate and the next touch up will take place from the 4th month onwards whereas the conventional touch up is needed a month from the first session and desired results are only achieved after the first touch up.

And here’s another catch – it is also suitable for customers who have sensitive skin or eczema. Relax and we’ll help you shape a beautiful and neat set of brows, and you get to indulge in a painless procedure – it’s a win-win for both parties.


Eyebrow embroidery is less painful than you think. With these simple steps, you can easily reduce the pain and be one step closer to a gorgeous set of brows that will instantly uplift your appearance.

At Avone Beauty Secrets, your satisfaction, desired appearance, and undoubtedly, comfort, takes utmost priority. We offer an extensive range of services ranging from 6D eyebrow embroidery to Korean eyebrow embroidery, and of course, our 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery! First-timer at eyebrow embroidery or not, rest assured as our experienced brow technicians will help you decide on the best treatment for you as you look forward to fresh, youthful brows.