An Introduction To Eyebrow Grooming For Men: 4 Handy Tips

An Introduction To Eyebrow Grooming For Men: 4 Handy Tips

An Introduction To Eyebrow Grooming For Men: 4 Handy Tips

As a man, it is likely that you have a simple grooming routine and do not frequently book appointments with therapists to upkeep your appearance. If you have facial hair or are trying to grow out a beard, you may already be doing it on your own at home. However, there might be one significant thing you are neglecting; your brows.

Eyebrows are often overlooked despite their importance in shaping your face. Wild eyebrows that are excessively bushy and have no defined shape will not accentuate your features. On the other hand, groomed and tidy eyebrows can make you look a lot more presentable and instantly transform your face. Either way, the answer is clear – men are now turning to eyebrow embroidery.

It isn’t just turning into a trend, but rather, it’s also to fix any flaws (say cuts, scars, or uneven brows) to make way for a stunning pair of eyebrows. Many are professionals or guys who totally understand the benefits of creating a refined and good impression, and how it helps a lot. And there are popular Feng Shui trends bringing out favourable and virality vibes commonly practiced by individuals in the sales industry such as property agent or car dealers as leaving a lasting first impression in their professional is helpful.

Caring for your appearance not only helps you build confidence in your physical appearance, but it is also a form of self-care and relieves mental stress. Looking good makes one feel good. Exudes the confidence that one carries.

If you are wondering how one should start a healthy grooming routine, keep these four simple tips in mind, and a set of perfect eyebrows will soon be within arm’s reach.

1. Know your brow shape

In a woman’s case, switching up the shape of their eyebrows every now and then is completely normal. Today, they may prefer a higher arch for a sharper and more mature look. On other days, her brows are drawn to mimic the straight, youthful Korean style.

However, natural shapes are the most flattering for a masculine appearance! Avoid completely reshaping your brows by plucking too much hair or shaving off the ends. Instead, keep things natural by first brushing your brows with a spoolie in the direction of your hair growth.

Once you have a rough idea of your brows’ natural shape, you can trim any stray hairs and make them neater and leaner. This way, you can carefully reduce excess weight from your brows that may make you look more unkempt or disrupt the natural balance of your facial features. If you want to define your brows better, you might want to seek the help of a professional aesthetician.

But if doing it on your own is too much of a hassle, or you already have a set of eyebrows in mind but aren’t able to do it – leave it to the hands of a professional! But no one says you have to dive straight into eyebrow embroidery; you can always start off with Henna Brows Crowning/Brows Tint like our satisfied customer here:

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Before deciding to get eyebrow embroidery, our treasured client, Leon, did a test drive by going for our Classic Brows Tint. Results? His thumbs up and pleased smile says plenty.

2. Consult a professional

There is no qualms or hassle in looking for help with reshaping your brows or maintaining your appearance. More grooming salons and other businesses are offering services to upkeep a natural, masculine appearance, and eyebrow treatments are just an example. Caring for your eyebrows is just like maintaining your facial hair and going for a haircut! It is just one of the many services that help men look their best.

Professionals can assist you in many different ways, be it by threading, waxing, or even microblading. Eyebrow embroidery for men is also experiencing greater demand as men are looking for ways to fill in sparse spots of their eyebrows. Approach a professional and let them help you if you are unsure of how to kickstart your eyebrow journey!

So, don’t shy away from eyebrow embroidery – our friendly and experienced beauticians will help you every step of the way. In fact, we’re all ears; your needs and desired look is always kept in mind.

Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore, Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore

Our cherished client, Alan, was seeking a natural look that would give him a masculine impression – thus, he opted for our 9V Eyebrow Embroidery. And to grant his wish, our Embroidery Snr Specialist Anna Lin designed a pair of groomed, neat, and well-defined brows for him.

3. Know what you want to achieve

Before you consult a professional, you should know what you want your aesthetician to help you with. Everyone has different goals when they shape and maintain their eyebrows. Some may be looking for a new look, while others may want a natural shape to accentuate their features – there’s no one and the same aim.

If you want to change things up, learn more about the various brow shapes and do some research about the best methods to achieve this look.

Waxing is a good method to try if you are struggling with a defined shape. Compared to tweezing, it is a more efficient method that will remove multiple hairs at once, giving you neat brows with a defined shape. While the longevity of the results depends on the rate of your hair growth, this is a popular option among many gents who wish to clear their hair quickly.

For our treasured client, Joshua, he was dealing with sparse brows and looked for us to do 4D Eyebrow Embroidery for a set of defined brows. So, our Brows Specialist got to work and added definition, designing fuller and neater brows.