Age With Confidence: How Defined Brows Make You Look Younger

Age With Confidence: How Defined Brows Make You Look Younger

Age With Confidence: How Defined Brows Make You Look Younger

Gone are the days of rocking pencil-thin arches donning the faces of those super Hollywood stars as we’re all about natural and fuller looking eyebrows in the 21st century.

Not only do they help to frame our faces beautifully, but well-groomed brows also enhance our facial features and allow us to be our best selves. Now, flaunting perfect brows is the beauty trend of a lifetime!

But alas, beauty – yes, that means your youthful looks – doesn’t last forever, for ageing is inevitable.

While wrinkles and blemishes tend to hog all the attention when it comes to the ageing process, did you know that your brow hairs will also begin to thin and grow sparse over time?

And while you can’t reverse back time to your teenage years, seeking microblading eyebrow embroidery to achieve fuller brows can play some part to aid you in restoring your youthful, radiant looks.

With that said, let us dive into the reasons why featuring luscious eyebrows can uplift your appearance and allow you to age with confidence!

So… how do thinning eyebrows cause me to look older?

Simply said: thick eyebrows are a sign of youth.

After all, as you get older… the natural ageing process thins the hairs on your body and causes them to turn grey – and your brows are no exception.

Thus, you may find yourself frequently lamenting over coarse, patchy arches and how it causes the best of your natural beauty to no longer shine further.

While those skinny brows may have been a hit style decades ago – this isn’t the case for our current beauty trends. These days, sporting wispy brows will only add unwanted years to your actual age!

Plus, as renowned makeup artists and dermatologists have emphasised, individuals flaunting well-defined brows tend to look younger and vibrant. On the other hand, fading eyebrows will throw off your facial balance and cause you to look… well, pinched.

While there’s nothing wrong with going grey (if that’s the look you’re into), but we dare say that having well-defined brows will undoubtedly change your life for the better.

Then, how can you achieve a younger appearance with better defined brows, you may ask? Let us share more in the following points!

Give me the lowdown on looking younger (and better) with bolder brows!

As we begin to age, there’s a reason why most individuals choose to go for the latest  Korean eyebrow embroidery in Singapore as a semi-permanent solution to combating thinning arches.

And by now, you must have realised the importance of possessing a set of well-defined brows – after all, it can dramatically transform one’s facial appearance and give off the illusion of a younger self!

But did you know that there’re scientific grounds behind this magical phenomenon? No kidding.

News flash! It’s research-proven.

A study published by Frontier discovered that facial features, such as your lips and eyebrows, become less prominent as you get older. And if you’re thinking what we’re thinking… you’re absolutely right.

Skin texture and loss of facial muscle mass all play huge roles in the unavoidable and ageing process – as much as we would love to embrace eternal youth.

Don’t lose hope, though – it’s all about your next move to counteract.

Research has shown that with increased facial contrast, you appear younger than your actual age! This means you should go all out in attaining thicker, darker brows.

The survey has undeniably proven that 80% of individuals with significant facial contrast boast a more youthful appearance than those with fewer distinctive features.

As such, what way to achieve better facial distinction than possessing bolder, youthful looking eyebrows? Regardless of your ethnicity, darkening those arches are sure to bring forth a vibrant glow in your face!


Waking up to a brilliant, youthful glow each morning? Check! Indeed, the power of having beautiful brows is impressive. Whenever you’re ready to embark on your brow journey and welcome a younger, better you, don’t hesitate to engage an eyebrow embroidery specialist.

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