5 Key Facts: All You Need To Know About Brow Embroidery

5 Key Facts: All You Need To Know About Brow Embroidery

5 Key Facts: All You Need To Know About Brow Embroidery

If you’ve ever wanted to fill in your brows but were afraid of the upkeep, or if you’re a little late to the game and just want a little more definition, then you should definitely consider getting brow embroidery. Believe it or not, it’s actually a thing.

For anyone who has gone a litttttle too overboard with tweezers in the past or were just not blessed with thick and full brows, we have a secret to share with you that will instantly change your #BrowGame. And that little secret is none other than the newest and hottest trend in the beauty industry – brows embroidery.

The quest for stunning, show-stopping eyebrows has prompted the emergence of various procedures and techniques that will allow anyone to bid farewell to sparse, unkept brows. These days, Korean eyebrow embroidery has taken the regional beauty scene over by storm and is quickly growing in popularity amongst men and women alike.

But what does this all mean? Fret not, in this article, we discuss everything you need to know about eyebrow embroidery in Singapore.

1. First things first, what is eyebrow embroidery?

Misty brows, ombre powder brows, brow tint, 4D, 6V and even 9V… the list goes on.

For someone new to the wonderful world of eyebrow embroidery, the number of different terms used can be overwhelming and leave you furrowing your brows in frustration.

So, allow us to break it down for you.

Essentially, eyebrow embroidery is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, where professional eyebrow experts assist people in reshaping or filling in their brows.

The results? Bold, well-defined and natural-looking eyebrows that last for anywhere between several months to two years.

It is no wonder eyebrow embroidery has steadily become more and more popular in recent years, particularly among those who have uneven or sparse brows!

2. What are the types of brow embroidery available?

Now that you have an understanding of what eyebrow embroidery is, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty – the various types of brow embroidery available.

At Avone Beauty Secrets, an award-winning beauty and brow salon in Singapore, there are 4 types of eyebrow embroidery that you can try out, namely – Korean Essence Brows Embroidery (or more commonly known as “Misty Eyebrow Embroidery”), 4D Korean Creative Brows Embroidery, 6V Korean Virtual Brows Embroidery and 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery.

But which would be right for me?

Well, the treatment you decide to go for all depends on your face shape and features. Certain face shapes will pair better with a specific style or shape or brow. For instance, thick brows with a high arch will work best for those with round faces. Check out our ultimate guide for brow and face shape pairing for more information.

Or better yet, head on down to any of our outlets to speak to our professional brow specialists, and they’d be able to advise you on the treatment to go for!

3. I’m undecided, should I really do eyebrow embroidery?

If you’re on the fence or are hesitant to take that leap of faith to get your brows embroidered, we are here to give you that little nudge you need.

Who doesn’t love a few extra minutes in bed every morning? Eyebrow embroidery can offer you that and more, saving you a ton of time from struggling with your eyebrow pencils and pomades as you get ready, and allowing you to look like you’re put-together 24/7.

Besides, eyebrow embroidery is suitable for most people and will only make your life ten times easier and accentuate your facial features like never before. What’s not to love?

4. So… how does it all work?

For microblading eyebrow embroidery, colour pigments are securely inserted beneath the skin’s surface using tiny disposable needles, commonly referred to as “micro-needle blades.” This technique is frequently used to thicken already-existing eyebrows or to fill in sparse regions in your brows.

On the other hand, unlike conventional microblading, our 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery uses a Korean manufactured and specialised non-invasive technique for implanting virtual colour pigments effectively without resulting in any obvious lesion on your skin. This ultra-gentle technique is even suitable for people with sensitive skin or eczema — it is so gentle that it can be even done on a balloon!

This leading-edge embroidery technique using the “9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needle” gives greater precision to our brow specialists to create softer and finer hair strokes that look so natural, that anyone would think you were born blessed with perfect brows.

5. What about post-treatment?

Hooray! You have gotten your brows embroidered!

Now, keep in mind aftercare is just as important (some might even argue it is more important) as the actual embroidery process. You wouldn’t want to mess up precious brows and have them go from a “yay” to a “nay”.

As for what you can expect post-treatment, this would largely depend on the type of embroidery you had chosen to go for. Light scabbing and peeling are normal for conventional microblading so they should not be raising any concerns. Resist the urge to pick at these scabs as irritations to the brow will disrupt the healing process and potentially even result in scarring – now that is something nobody wants!

Don’t be shocked when you first see your brows after treatment – they will look extremely dark and bold, perhaps even a little like the famous cartoon character, Crayon Shin-chan. The colour will fade gradually in the following days so you can let out that breath you’re holding.

Try avoiding cosmetic products on your brows and keep them as dry as possible. Apply your aftercare cream diligently and you should see picture-perfect brows that will surely make your friends jealous after approximately 12 to 14 days!

PSST! Don’t have the patience to deal with the post-treatment? You can have the best of both worlds: nice brows with minimal aftercare when you choose our advanced and Award-Winning 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery.


Ready to embark on a journey to well-defined brows? Avone Beauty Secrets is a renowned beauty service provider in Singapore that specialises in premium eyebrow embroidery services for both the ladies and the gents. We pride ourselves on our impeccable track record – producing excellent results with our professional services.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our services or to book an appointment to get started on your journey to the brows of your dreams!