4D, 6V, 9V Brow Embroidery: Which Should You Go For?

4D, 6V, 9V Brow Embroidery: Which Should You Go For?

4D, 6V, 9V Brow Embroidery: Which Should You Go For?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. If you’re someone who gets decision fatigue from having too many options, we feel ya! Even when you have read up on the key facts about brow embroidery and finally decide to take the plunge, you’ll be met with a handful of choices to make.

4D, 6V, 9V… Which should you go for? And what do they even mean? It’s always easier to make the right choice when you have all your cards in hand. That is, you should know what your choices entail.

So, to help you out, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you decide which type of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore to go for!

Types of eyebrow embroidery

First, let’s get to a basic understanding of what eyebrow embroidery and microblading is.

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup that involves using very fine needles or blades to apply pigments under the skin. The principle is similar to tattooing, except that the pigments are applied nearer the surface of the skin as compared to traditional tattoos.

The most conventional type of microblading eyebrow embroidery in Singapore uses a row of needles to speed up the pace of drawing the brow strokes. But depending on the specific type of eyebrow embroidery, there may be single-needle methods, or needles with varying thicknesses.

Brow embroidery can also differ based on the end-result it achieves: powdered gradient brows, or realistic hair-like strokes. To achieve each specific look, a variety of application methods may be used, including drawing dots for an ‘airbrush’ effect, strokes for hair-like effect, applying different shades of colour for gradients, and so on.

4D Superior Korean Brows Embroidery

One notable feature of Avone’s 4D Brow Embroidery is the curved needle blades. The angle of the blades increases control for the brow artist, enabling them to draw very natural, life-like hair strokes.

4D Superior Korean Brows Embroidery

Compared to conventional 3D Creative Embroidery techniques and tools, the 4D Brow Embroidery is gentler, meaning less pain and scabbing for you! Additionally, there’s the perk of longer-lasting brows with this one, so you don’t have to visit the salon for retouches as often.

Best for: Those on a budget who want an upgrade from the conventional 3D eyebrow embroidery.

6V Korean Virtual Brows Embroidery

Avone’s 6V Brow Embroidery uses even thinner needles compared to the 4D technique, resulting in finer, more realistic looking hairs, as well as less pain. While thinner needles may mean more precision, it is also more challenging to get right. Thus, 6V Brow Embroidery requires a more experienced brow artist to perform.

6V Korean Virtual Brows Embroidery

Compared to the 6D Brow Embroidery of other brow salons in Singapore, we distinguish ourselves with tools that are developed and manufactured in Korea – the beauty capital of the world. With the ability to re-design your brows or touch up your existing brows, the 6V Brow Embroidery is great for achieving natural-looking yet defined brows.

Best for: Those looking for a tried-and-tested brow service for getting natural yet defined brows.

9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery

While other eyebrow embroidery methods make incisions on the skin, here’s one that does not! Avone’s 9V Brow Embroidery uses such a fine needle, it is able to deposit pigments without even puncturing the skin! You can imagine the advantages you will get with this: No bleeding or scabbing, virtually pain-free, and safe for even people with sensitive skin or eczema!

9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery

The fine needle also has the benefit of creating soft and realistic hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brows. It is no wonder this service has been highly raved about and voted as the “Best Korean Brows Embroidery’ in the Harper’s Bazaar SPA Awards 2018.

Best for: Those who are looking for the ultimate painless eyebrow embroidery procedure, or those with sensitive skin or eczema.

Get the perfect brows for you

The question remains: Which eyebrow embroidery should you go for?

We can’t answer that question simply through an article, but rest assured our brow artists are highly experienced at making recommendations based on your desired brow shape, thickness, and shade! When you arrive for your brow appointment, they will assess your brows, face shape, and ask you about what you wish to achieve.

Some guiding questions they may ask are:

  • Do you want to adjust your eyebrow shape or just fill in the gaps in your existing brow shape?
  • Do you usually wear makeup? If yes, how heavy is your usual makeup?
  • How is your pain tolerance? Are you terribly afraid of pain?
  • Any skin conditions or sensitivities we need to know about?
  • What budget are you comfortable with?

No matter which procedure you eventually opt for, rest assured that all eyebrow embroidery tools and techniques at Avone Beauty Secrets are certified safe and medical-grade. We can call our services ‘Korean Eyebrow Embroidery’ not just because they are inspired by Korean-style brows, but because they are in fact developed and manufactured in Korea!

So, don’t worry too much about choosing the right type of eyebrow embroidery. As long as you have an idea of what type of brows you want to achieve, we can take it from there and help you fulfil it. Visit us at our outlets across Singapore to enjoy your eyebrow embroidery in Tampines, Serangoon, or Yishun!