4 Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What They Reveal About You

4 Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What They Reveal About You

4 Types Of Eyebrow Shapes And What They Reveal About You

You would have probably done a personality test at some point in your lifetime. From the renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to Enneagram tests, we often hope to seek some sort of understanding and clarity of our own personalities from these tests.

And we don’t blame you. We get it — it oddly provides some comfort knowing that your positive traits are affirmed and some insight into your not-so-positive traits.

But we bet you didn’t know that your eyebrows also have lots to say about your personality. That’s right, your eyebrows.

Well, surprise! The shape of your brows can actually reveal much about your character.

That’s right, and this is known as physiognomy.

And you might be thinking, what in the world does that mean? Physiognomy, in simpler terms, is evaluating a person’s character from their physical features, typically the face.

Eyes are often likened to the “windows to one’s soul”, with many saying that staring into someone’s eyes could reveal their emotions.

Often neglected and not talked about enough, are the features that rest just above your eyes – your gorgeous eyebrows, of course! It is said that your eyebrows reflect your temperament, thoughts, and behaviour.

The shape, thickness, and other various factors of your eyebrows could tell you a lot about your nature. Here are four different factors and what they could possibly mean!


It goes without saying that most of us would fall under the category of having long eyebrows.

Well, you’re in luck!

Those with long eyebrows are righteous, down-to-earth and generally just have a heart of gold. It is also said that longer eyebrows indicate longevity and good wealth. Huat Ah!

On the flip side, if you have eyebrows shorter than the width of your eyes, fret not. It does not mean you have fewer years to live. Breathe and relax – you’re all good.

Those with short eyebrows are greatly influenced by their head rather than their heart. Motivated by self-gain, they tend to put their needs before anyone else’s. #Self-love season is forever.

Arch or no arch?

Do you have an arch in your eyebrows, or are they primarily straight?

Horizontally straight eyebrows are referred to as yi zi mei (一字眉) or one-word brows, for their similarity to the Chinese character for one (一).

If you have the yi zi mei, you prefer to lay all your cards on the table. There are no secrets with you, no matter how embarrassing it may be. You are confident in yourself and have firm values that you stand by. After all, confidence makes a beauty, right?

Those with a distinct arch in your eyebrows are said to be natural leaders. Charismatic and trustworthy, you can be counted upon to make the right decision. A true queen, indeed.


Like those with yi zi mei, those with thick eyebrows have a natural self-confidence that allows them to work through difficult decisions efficiently. Logical, they can also be said to have their head screwed on.

Thin eyebrows generally indicate that you have low self-esteem. Your low confidence would often result in few close friendships, which is not entirely bad. It just means more “me time” right?

Besides, on the bright side — you are not overly aggressive, often able to stay as cool as a cucumber!

How close together are your eyebrows?

Surprise, surprise. This doesn’t just apply to the appearance of your actual eyebrows, but also the distance between them as well!

Now, you may be wondering, how exactly do we determine if they are close together or not? Let’s first start with some terminology.

The space between your eyebrows is known as the ophryon. The general rule of thumb is that you have a wide ophryon if your eyebrows are 3 or more fingers apart. If they are less than 2 fingers apart, you have a narrow ophryon.

A wide ophryon indicates that you are carefree and live a worry-free life. You often “go with the flow”, acting without a plan, and unbothered by everyday stress. While that sounds like the ideal life to live, you are sometimes indecisive and ignorant. But you probably are not bothered by that either.

Those with a narrow ophryon are the complete opposite. You act in a structured and planned manner, often overthinking the most minuscule details. Though it may result in mental and emotional stress at times – details are the key to success!

It just means you need a little break to feel like yourself again.


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