3 Eyebrow Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Avoid Them

3 Eyebrow Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Avoid Them

3 Eyebrow Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Avoid Them

Eyebrows if not known, help to frame your face, accentuate your eyes and refine your overall look. Thus, they are undoubtedly one facial features that you should pay more attention to.

With that being said, getting them right poses a challenge to many ladies and guys out there.  And more often than not, we hear even the most skilled of make-up gurus, commenting that their eyebrows are “sisters and not twins”.

Here are some of the common eyebrow mistakes that you should take note of and avoid, to prevent drawing the wrong kind of attention to your brows.

Pencil-thin brows are no longer in style

Just in case you have not been on the world wide web recently, pencil-thin brows are no longer the go-to trend.

These days, a thick, natural and luscious brow is what we are all after. Thus, you should not overpluck your eyebrows (well, unless that is the look you are intentionally going for).

It is not the first time we have heard horror stories about over-plucked eyebrows. Unless you are a professional or are highly skilled, it’s best to not self-pluck/thread.

Getting too carried away may result in you messing up your brow’s natural arch, or worse, making them too thin.

And we don’t mean to alarm you, but thin eyebrows would result in your face looking pinched and you might end up looking years older than you actually are! Instead, age with confidence with defined brows.

But if thin brows suit you, where’s the harm, right? (Just remember, we did give a heads up, hon!)

Less is More

While you may be inclined to use cosmetic essentials to cover up sparse (or thin) brows, sometimes less is more.

For starters, as much as a well-sculpted brow can accentuate the beauty of your features, badly drawn eyebrows are a huge no-no and can cause you to appear dishevelled!

In fact, going heavy-handed and filling them in with too dark a shade can steer you away from the polished look you’re trying to achieve!

Worst-case scenario? Instead of achieving the alluring look you desire most – those harsh lines may even add years to your face.

… But not too little

Yes, we know we just said that less is more.

But sometimes, merely smearing on brow gel may not be enough to prevent your eyebrows from looking dull. We bet you didn’t know that your brows also recede, akin to that of your hairline!

Thus, the tails of your eyebrows require some extra love, for they define the arches that frame your mesmerising eyes. Without applying enough brow products to fill the gaps in your brows, your eyes can appear droopy and tired – which is a look you don’t want to go for.

The moral of the story? It is important to achieve the right balance – filling them in just enough.


We can all probably agree by now that brows are not an easy thing to get right. The probability of you making a mistake is likely higher than you being able to achieve “the perfect eyebrow”.

The solution? We highly urge you to seek eyebrow embroidery treatments from a reputable brow salon in Singapore.

It’s now or never, beauties!

Here at Avone Beauty Secrets, we make having the perfect eyebrow fuss-free and easy. You no longer have to worry about making mistakes with your eyebrows, as you would be in the trusty hands of our skilled professionals. Same goes for post-eyebrow embroidery and aftercare – our beauticians will be here to support you at the start, middle, end, and even after the procedure is done.

For those with no clue about eyebrow embroidery, you could check out the 5 different types of eyebrow embroidery for inspiration.

Still not sure about which brow embroidery to go for or if you are even suitable for this procedure? No worries, book a session with us now and let our professional brows specialist help you out! You can get perfect brows from any of our treatments, from microblading eyebrow embroidery to traditional brow tinting!

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